Monday, January 24, 2022

Aurifil Artisan - Night Fancy fabric


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to receive the  newest line by designer Victoria Findlay Wolfe “Night Fancy “  from FreeSpirit fabrics and a lovely spool of 50wt thread from her collection.  I love being an Aurifil Artisan and am always up for a challenge. 
I knew immediately that the 4 Fat Quarter would make a great Improv Abstraction Log Cabin. Pairing Drift which reads dark but is also packed with lots of color with the black and white Wander for the high contrast portion and the blue tonal print Big Sliver with the solid for the low contrast was the perfect recipe. 

I shared in my (very long!) 2021 recap post yesterday the sixteen quilts finished for the year and you can see that I haven’t gotten this design series out of my system. Trimming the blocks made a pile of confetti and not much waste. 
Another reason I chose this for the project was because I wanted to expand my 16” block pattern to see how big it would grow to if I kept building until I ran out of fabric. Any guess? 

The mini ended up 26” - did you estimate high or low?  

During the photoshoot I attempted to make it appear bigger in some (near the ocean) and smaller in others (next to the mural). I think either way, it’s quite visually impactful 
Matchstick quilting on a long arm with Aurifil Forty-3 in color 2620 was a breeze even though I’m very inexperienced with that technique. I chose an organic wave motif to mimic the block design.  

For the label I matchstick quilted using the variegated color 3840 which has a subtle range to it.  Be sure to check out the full line of fabric and thread collection as well as the projects made by other artisans.  

 I’m going to include a couple more favorite shots in closing- happy stitching, Karen


  1. Who would have thought that the quilt is only 26"! Looks fantastic!

  2. It's an adorable quilt, Karen! I never would have guessed it was so small. I love that improv block, and the way it looks turned different directions. Is this the same block you used in your temperature quilt? I've never used Aurifil Forty 3 thread. Isn't it meant specifically for use on a longarm?


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