Thursday, June 7, 2018

Quilty catch up and more

I can't remember the last time in recent years - if ever - that I've gone without sewing for more than a months stretch.  April to June is too big of a gap.  

The procedure for shoulder surgery went perfectly fine but the recovery has been a pretty bumpy road.  When friends ask how I'm doing I usually reply, "I've been better, I've been worse" because honestly there is so much to be thankful for and this kind of stuff is just life being life. 

Fortunately, as of last weekend, sewing and equally important my sewing mojo has returned with the completion of the tardy April #beesewcial "Rooted" bee blocks that I'll share separately because this post is about a few big deals that came and went without acknowledgment and I wanna fix that.

First up - my quilt Bend, Don't Break was featured in the Gallery of Curated Quilts minimalistic issue.  Such an honor to share the pages with so many talented makers that I admire greatly.

While in Pasadena at QuiltCon Isabelle and I stopped by their booth to see her mini on display.   I really like this picture we took with Christine Ricks and not just because I'm wearing my handmade top.  My guild mates are probably getting tired of how much I go on about the publication but I'm so excited to see the community response to call outs.  Encouraging makers to explore and challenge themselves with each new theme - trying new things and redefining what you do resonates with me.
Isabelle, Christine and I 
You may recall from this post how excited I was to have my mini included in the Log Cabin issue so you can just imagine how thrilled and honored having a full page to myself.

Another big deal for me was to teach a Improv Abstraction workshop again.   I had the BEST time and the student work coming out of the class is fantastic.  Here's a mosaic I shared on Instagram of the group shot and my samples on display.  Everyone was supportive and enthusiastic.

Take a look at some of their makes - shared with permission : 
Lori's Show and Tell

Rochelle and sister Rhonda's collaboration

Liz's fantastic top

Lisbeth - so great
In August I'm scheduled teach again but this time for my own local chapter.  It'll be similar to Improv Abstraction but based on the Log Cabin mini. 

Anniversary and Graduation

It's a sad sign of the times when I don't even know if a mention of my Blog Anniversary made it here.      For the record, it was 6 years on March 16th. 

Quilty news aside, we celebrated our son's graduation from Fire Academy. So proud.  My mom and in-laws were able to attend.  

Hope all is well with you.  Happy Stitching.

Friday, May 4, 2018

2018 Q1 FAL winners announced

Today we are celebrating 533 (!!) finished projects in Quarter 1 of the 2018 Finish-A-Long. So many of you are joining in and getting their UFOs or WIPs out of that dark corner, and into the limelight to be shown off as a finish. If you are in need of inspiration go on over and have a look, there were so many great makes. And of course, thanks to our many generous sponsors, we are finishing off the quarter by announcing the lucky winners!!

Without further ado, the winners picked by the Random Number Generator of the 2018 Q1 FAL prizes are:

The Q1 Winner of the $50 Gift Certificate from Fat Quarter Shop goes to  Lynette who blogs at What a Hoot Quilts and she made this stunning wall hanging row quilt for her husband:



The Q1 Winner of the 3 PDF Patterns from During Quiet Time goes to Helen on IG @archiewonderdog and she finished her "Not Too Big, Not Too Small" bag and isn't it lovely:

The Q1 Winner of the $25 Gift Certificate from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop goes to Beth on IG @blue_dragonfly5 and she finished this patriotic quilt that will be donated to a veteran:


The Q1 Winner of the 2 PDF Patterns from Quilting Jet Girl goes to Sophie who blogs at Luna Lovequilts and she made this beautiful quilt she named "Retro":



The Q1 Winner of the $20 Gift Certificate from Sew Me a Song goes to Kathryn on IG @kathrynjonesquilts and she finished this truly stunning (and very large) quilt:



The Q1 Winner of the 3 PDF Patterns from Happy Quilting goes to Kristina who blogs at Krissies Kollections and she finished this lovely quilt as you go quilt that taught her a lot of new techniques:


The Q1 Winner of the 2 PDF Patterns from Charm About You goes to Cath on IG @cumbrianlongarmer and she finished this rainbow Morocco Quilt:


The Q1 Winners (3) of the 6 Month Subscription to Make Modern Magazine goes to:

1.  Crystal who blogs at Crystal's Creations and she finished this adorable memory bear:


2.  Jennet on IG @featherednextstudio and she made this lovely You Are My Sunshine quilt (with minky backing) for her son:

3.  Sarah who blogs at Sarah Goer Quilts and she finished this lovely mini that represents her home town San Jose, California:


The Q1 Winner of the $25 Gift Certificate from Studio 39 Fabrics goes to Jen who blogs at Branch and Vine Handmade and she finished this beautiful Cosmo bag (pattern by Amy Butler):


 The Q1 Winner of the $25 Gift Certificate from Tartan Kiwi goes to Amber on IG @amberleighcrafts and she finished this whole cloth, minky backed baby quilt:



The Q1 Winner of the Minikins bundle from Sew Sweetness goes to Christine who blogs at Cat in the Grass and she finished these two lovely pillowcases:


The Q1 Winner of the $50 Gift Certificate from Mad About Patchwork goes to Terry who blogs at On Going Projects and she finished this extremely useful ID badge:

The Q1 Winner of the 2 PDF Patterns from Blossom Heart Quilts is Heather and she blogs at Quilting and Beyond and she finished this quilt that showcases the "license plates" she collected from 2015-2017:


The Q1 Winner of the $30 Gift Certificate from Clover & Violet is Charlene on Flickr (cyanh2o) and she finished these pretty felted mittens:



The Q1 Winner of the $40 Gift Certificate from Bunny's Designs is Brandy on IG @thirteenquilts and she finished this pretty quilt that had been an UFO for quite a while:


Congratulations to all the winners!  Thank you for playing along with us in the first quarter, and we hope you continue joining in for the rest of the year. We love to encourage you to finish up all those WIPs and UFOs, and to see what great makes will be finished next time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Britches and #quiltvsquilter on IG

If you're on Instagram you may have seen the posts for #quiltvsquilter where makers share a mosaic of their recent work and/or describe their style and include a photo of themselves.  Putting a face to a name is always something I enjoy and discovering new people to follow a bonus.

One maker you won't find on IG and other than a hashtag #pamrocco created to help credit and find her work is my guild mate and mentor Pam.  She generously offered a mini-workshop demo at our last Sew Day and did a demo and trunk show of her Britches Quilts.
The local thrift store does a 50% off everything on Thursdays so I made a quick trip just before and was thrilled (and surprised) to find a full palette including the floral.
Pam Rocco
Finding 98% or 100% cotton made for leaving behind some great colors in the pants that were poly or too stretchy.  Shorts and also kid pants came in great shades but didn't provide enough yardage. The idea of a quilt being durable because it's already been worn interests me.
Pam Rocco's Britches Quilts
I love the way the fading of fabric creates a natural ombre effect and the "restrictions" of size is a nice limitation.  Originally I brought a block design that required a square but quickly realized legs are more rectangle friendly!

Excited to get back at my start from class but other deadlines loom and I'm also having shoulder surgery next week which will no doubt put a damper on production!

Happy Stitching .

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2018 FAL Q2 Goal Setting - My Nine

Making Prints out of Solids

Hello There and Welcome! 

If you're looking for the Online Book Tour Blog/IG Hop for Stacey Day's newly released "Child's Play Quilts" and see Butterfly Kisses revealed, you can find it HERE.  

If you're looking for the 2018 FAL Q2 Linky Proposed Goal Party you can find it HERE.

If you want to read all about what my next quarter goals are, stick around.

Stretch:  Many of these BeeSewcial 2016 blocks were hand delivered to me in Pasadena at QuiltCon two years ago. With a cohesive limited palette I thought the prompt would be easier to compose into a quilt but have been quite puzzled by the puzzling when attempted many times so far including two full days of the recent March retreat. (Roll over from Q1).

Eyes: These gorgeous BeeSewcial 2017 blocks have been staring at me begging to become the quilt they are meant to be. Top of the goals as I have come pretty close on the layout and love, love them. (Roll over from Q1)

Ultra Violet Pantone challenge: I’ve ditched the granny blocks and will make an Improv Abstraction Log Cabin class sample for a workshop being developed .(modified Roll over from Q1)

MQG Riley Blake fabric challenge: Link up is a few weeks away so this one will hopefully happen quickly. (new since Q1)

Bits Play Composition: The partially completed top from the Maria Shell workshop last weekend has the strongest pull and it has been difficult to set it aside due to other deadlines (new since Q1)

Ocean Improv: Birthday of a friend who I'm just beginning to make a quilt for. Fortunately he likes batik and improv and it will be fun to sew from stash and scraps. no real deadline (Roll over from Q1)

Color Study Bar Quilt: Tara Faughnan’s workshop. I was on a roll with many more strips already cut. I’ve raided some strips for other use so they have already contributed to finishes but is no closer to being done. (Roll over from Q1)

Nosey Kitten Quilt: Blocks and layout are decided. Jen Carlton Bailey workshop. (new since Q1)

Psychedelic: Katie Pedersen’s workshop. More fabric arrived yesterday so I can repeat similar blocks. (new since Q1)

Not officially on the list but on my radar are three Secret sewing projects:
Quilt (an absolute must)
Quilt (really should do)
Zipper pouch swap (due June)

Well last quarter I only got one checked off the list so you'll notice quite a few rolling over to the next quarter and that's OK because quite a lot of other stuff got started and finished so I'm happy.  

Linking up to the Proposed Goals linky party that is open now HERE- Won't you join me?!?  

Find out all the details by visiting the permanent FAL tab at the top of the page.  In a nut shell: Write up your Q2 FAL Goal list on a blog or on Instagram, post a picture and Link up (Just once, not individually like you did for the finishes). The countdown clock at the bottom of the linky party will show you how much time is left before it closes.  

GIVEAWAY Reminder:  

You can enter to win a copy of Stacey's new book Child's Play Quilts on IG simply by regramming a photo of the Butterfly Kisses quilt from my feed HERE, follow and tag @staceyinstitches and myself @capitolaquilter and she'll pick a winner on April 21st. 

For another chance, my blog followers can comment on her post HERE simply let her know you're popping into say after seeing my post. Simple! 

Happy Stitching, Karen