Sunday, March 31, 2019

Two Finishes for me this time 2019 FAL Q1

QuiltCon Mini Swap
My goals were lofty and if you're a statistics kinda a person it might look like a fail.  Fortunately, I'm not so I'll take the two finishes as a win.  The first to show off is my QuiltCon Mini that was made for my partner Jera and gifted in person as a direct exchange.  Because it's a secret the picture of colorful scraps identifying it as a project to get done is hard to spot (see arrow below).

You can see our smiles in this group shot where I'm holding the amazing mini that she gifted me.  We didn't get everyone in the photo which is a bummer, but as the Swap Fairy, I was just glad that none of my people flaked out and were a really fun and talented bunch of makers. 

2019 QuiltCon Nashville

 The other goal checked off the list is this version of my Merge, the MQG QOM (Modern Quilt Guild Quilt of the Month) that I designed and patterned in a color way so so different than the others and possibly my favorite.  I  did a very simple organic straight and bound in the same colors that I'd used in the quilt.  Finishing the hand stitching of the binding at the March Retreat and dodging puddles to get a shot.
Merge - Moody Blue
What I'm realizing as I end this blog post and get linkup to the Linky Party for Q1 is that I need to write more about both events soon!

Until then, thanks for popping by and please check out and cheer on what others have gotten done this quarter.

Happy Stitching, Karen