Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bee Sewcial July - REFLECTION

EEKK! it's my month to be queen for BeeSewcial and I'm so excited. Ever since I made the block for Di in April the design concept of Reflection has stuck with me and I'm looking forward to having my bee mates help me work though it.

my Block for Di
Although the Pinterest Board includes identifiable mirror and shadow images - that's NOT really what I'm after.   your block does not HAVE to be literal, but it CAN be.  It's as much about the relationship of colors and/or shapes within the block.  A change of value or scale from top to bottom or side to side. An exaggeration or distortion that the word Reflection evokes.  The transition doesn't have to be in the middle or a hard horizon but there should be some design element that varies within the composition. 

Sample blocks are purposely missing from the guidelines to start out. I will sew some up but I'd like to give members a chance to explore their interpretation of the concept without influence.  

Palette: the cover of the book Print & Pattern Geometric is spot on as well as many of the pictures inside.  The mosaic shown above includes recent items that inspired me, one of my QDADs (quilt design a day) from the Stay Tuned Lyrics challenge on May 30, my Perspective quilt and a poster I saw at my sisters last week.  I've asked them to lean more towards crisp/clear than pastel but feel free to mix.  I loved Kari's poster colors from February.  The block that I made her also falls along the lines of what has sparked my decision of what to ask for. 

my Block for Kari

Hopefully Di and Kari consider imitation the highest form of flattery.

More Details:
Construction: Ruler-free improvisational as well as traditional HST, circles, diamond, etc. I prefer to have pieced blocks but some needle turn appliqué is OK. 
Size and quantity: Equivalent to two 12.5 blocks

As the blocks roll in I'll be sure to share.  It also occurs to me that I didn't post the ones I made for Debbie in June in case you didn't see them on my IG and flickr feed. As I've said before  I'm thrilled and honored to be part of this amazing bee.  Being queen of it is kind of crazy - in a good way!