Friday, January 30, 2015

Countdown to QuiltCon

QuiltConButtonSwap -one of two designs
I've been in a sewing and blogging drought all year - I know it's only January but it feels like a big deal.  QuiltCon is on the horizon and to be honest, instead of being excited I was stressing out.  All my big plans to make travel handmade and arrange meet ups have not materialized.  I haven't even printed my class supply list or thought about what to pack!

Yesterday I fine tuned my Super Volunteer hours, chatted with my sis about hanging out there and ordered some buttons/moo mini cards and the tide shifted - things are looking up.  

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Now I need to clear off the 4,000 photos from my phone so I can make space to download the app and really get in the loop!  If you'll be there PLEASE track me down!  I'm the worst with name/faces/places - but it turns out I'll have lots of free time and would love to chat, go to a lecture together or grab a coffee.

Tiny Bit of Sewing

Needle-turn appliqué  (mine is on the bottom)
A few weekends ago I took a really inspiring class from Tonye Belinda Phillips  and enjoyed the trunk show lecture that she gave the next night at our local guild.  Attending Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show has been on my bucket list and I hope to make it someday.  Her book recently re-released in paperback.  I like my friend Lori's block better (upper right) than mine but think they look awesome together!

QDAD (Quilt Design A Day)

QDAD 01.29.2015
One thing that I am thrilled about is getting to meet some of my fellow QDADers in person at QuiltCon.  Although there's been a major dry spell in actual quilting, I've kept up with my virtual creations pretty well.  This one was inspired by Rossie's quilt Emily's Nonsense  and my exploration of this block from a quilt my sister has that I took a photo of last Spring.

Antique Block
I'm also taking a workshop with Rossie and get to go all fan-girl - yeah!  BTW: If you recognize the block design would you let me know the name?

It's great to sneak in a second post for 2015 - Thanks for stopping by!  Karen

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Unexpected Results

QDAD spark week resulted in (so far) several unexpected favorites.   I'm loving the designs created by members, that comes as no surprise. Mine however are  not as anticipated.  

I shared last post the inspiration photo that I took to kick off the week and the one I was most excited about.  Turns out that design is the one I like the least and maybe worth a revisit. 

When I chose images I deliberately sequenced them to vary the dominant elements and palette. I didn't want members to feel like they just did that color or shape the day before.

The buttons 1-5 are high on the QDAD to Reality list but I need to browse my folder and see if one tops it. 

Although I like Hanalei 1-6 since I already made one from a different vantage point for our MQG's first challenge 3 years ago, that idea doesn't feel very original or necessary. 

22x25 My first Mini and freeform quilting 

The buttons 1-5 are high on the QDAD to Reality list but I need to browse my folder and see if one tops it.  

Even though I tend to sew with vibrant sometimes over the top fabrics the more subtle combos appeal to me more so.  That was unexpected. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

SPARK week - Day One and a Sewing Weekend

QDAD 01.04.2015
A Glorious & Colorful First Weekend of The New Year
As I mentioned, this week kicks off my turn to upload the inspiration photos for the week for QDAD,  "Quilt Design A Day", a Facebook group that I belong to.  There were a few pictures and/or places that I had in my head to use in anticipation of this.   

The View from Mr. Toot's Coffeehouse, Capitola Village
I've been having fun for days obsessing (in a good way) over tweaking each image just so to generate the right colors using PlayCrafts Palette Builder.  The photo below is the one that I had in my folder to use for today, until this morning that is.

Original Spark Photos Chosen

Although I like this picture from a walk recently with baby grand girl and hubby, I really didn't want the design element of the seagull to be so dominant.  It would have been fine I'm sure.  But on my way home from the donut shop I detoured to the beach and took the shots at the top of this post.  

A Flash Back Palette 

Camping trip circa 1990
In the back of my mind I kept thinking the combination of colors reminded me of something from the past - then it dawned on me it was an O'Neill's ski jacket hubby had  (his wetsuit was similar too as I recall).  I dug through a box of photos and found this one to share for kicks.

Because members live all over the world and I'm on Pacific Time, I'm posting in the evening of the night before and then get to wake up and see what designed have been added to the folder for that day.  

Around The World Blog Hop Hops On

Remember when I tagged Debbie @ Shadows of The Blue Ridge ? Now it's time for her to post about herself and the quilting creations she's working on.  Be sure to hop on over and check it out.

Hashtag x 3

#scrappylogcabinQAL #useitorlooseitstashchallenge #sewmystash2015

That's right, I'm not double dipping on IG, I'm triple dipping with this project and made some progress this weekend. linking up to Oh Scrap!

One Entire Block Done (snicker sarcastically) 
All centers framed in LV

The plan is to build them out to measure 16" with a 4x4 layout and making the blocks and sewing them into a TOP is my January ALYoF goal.  Linking up to WIPWednesday at Freshly Pieced. 
good times on IG
 I'm reminded of the "drop everything" and make a Scrappy Trip Along.  That one got finished and donated for an auction quilt which is way better than another UFO.  Hopefully this time around will be as successful and fun.

My sewing room was cold (a relative term these day) so I invaded the living room making these two pus happy.  Sending my friends in colder places rays of virtual sunshine and warm thoughts.