Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wip Wednesday Wipeout

FMQing my xPlus just about did me in.  I'm officially wiped out.
Not sure I will tackle a 96x96 ever again and just may have to mooch some long arm time from a friend when I go this big in the future.  

Aurifil 40wt #2840 and #5014
The bobbin was #2325 a neutral 50 wt aurifil and I used 40 wt for the top knowing when I started that one spool was iffy.  After I hit the half way point I had to admit to myself there was going to be a need for a second spool. I found a similar color and decided to embrace the scrappy and soldier on.

Trimming up feels like getting a hair cut, so refreshing.  The binding just needs to be hand stitched down and then I will put a temporary hang sleeve on it and go out on a photo shoot.  The top alone was a struggle - taking a picture of the quilt should be even more interesting!
Quilt Top
Here's a link to the 24" block tutorial.

Improv Workshop - Such a Charge

On Saturday I got to take an improv class with the amazing Pam Rocco at my LQS SueDee's and this is my bit measuring 22x26" so far. She gave us all a whole stack of solid squares and shared a pile of scraps too.  Learning the creative process and approach to composition that she takes was so valuable - I just want to dive right back in. Pam's attitude and artistic eye always brings out the best in me.

I really want to finish up but am pulled in too many directions right now to get my head back in an improv kind of space.   

My calendar reminder is telling me to shop and cook for Thanksgiving so I'd better listen.  Hope you have a chance to spend time with and enjoy your loved ones this holiday.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

October 2013 Fresh Sewing Day

Party Favors, Schoolhouse Tunic, Flannel Receiving Blanket, Minky Blanket, Swag Bags, Moby-ish Wrap, Giants Dress, f+f2 bee blocks, QCR baby quilt parts 
Baby Koi and her Pond Parents
October flew by with most of my sewing devoted to Baby Shower prep/gifts, *Quilt Retreat swag, two bee blocks and a last minute Halloween costume.   
Oh, and a tardy "Selfish Sewing" schoolhouse tunic for myself which I'm pretty proud of.

*Don't worry...I didn't actually make all 25 bags, the committee did.  In fact I didn't sew a single stitch or zipper - only the cutting and fusing.  
Collaborative projects are really my favorite and I like to include them but sometimes worry that I'm trying to -take credit- where I shouldn't be, do you ever feel that way?

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Fruit Salad and Tunic two

Schoolhouse Tunic
I feel a little like goldilocks making my first attempt at the Schoolhouse tunic too small and my second too big..but I think with a tiny bit of tweaking it will be just right.

Finally a FINISH - yes, binding is sewn on and I'm happy with how Fruit Salad came out.  These blocks are from NuBees, 3x6 and 4x5 and it's a good thing they aren't perishable because they've been sitting around a while.
I had grand hopes of sneaking off to the local Farmer's Market and draping it over some bananas, raspberries, papayas (you get the idea) with it for a proper photo shoot but since that didn't happen this tossed over the sewing chair shot will have to do.  (edit: I added this display shot) 
Hanging at the December Quilt Show - Gifted
Wonky Braid Block
My other two finishes are for f+f2 November and here's a one of them.  
If the formatting is a little wonky on this post it's because I've finally joined the rest of the world and own an iPhone - getting all of the apps to talk to each other is challenging but will be awesome!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm Back with Backs - WIP Wednesday

I'm Back with Backs

The Quilt Retreat was amazingly perfect -if I do say so myself- and chairing the event for the second year with a rock star committee did make things a bit easier.  I'll tell you all about it in a blog post but until then you can get a feel for how much fun we had from the flickr photos.  I dabbled in lots of projects but focused mostly on backs.
Koi Pond 
The grounds were so peaceful and I had to take this picture because it made me think of the Baby Koi and Pond Parents Halloween costume I made for my son's Zen Family.
Bonus HST for xPlus Backing
These will be sewn in a strip between the two fabrics on the right and I'm using an orphan xPlus as my siggy block.  My Giant xPlus with bonus HST tutorial recently featured on Leanne's blog hop has now been been added here.  This is my November ALYoF goal and one of my Q4 FAL projects and top priority.  I cut my binding the length of fabric so there will be very little piecing - yeah.

I was recently re-inspired about backs thanks to The Other Side of The Quilt linky party with Katie at   SwimBikeQuilt.  There are 167 and counting. Did you add yours?? Link up is still open for a bit.
fabric for xPlus backing
My project packing approach for our SBAMQG 2nd Annual Fall Quilt Retreat this past weekend was about as opposite as it could have been from when I prepared for the BamQ Retreat last Spring.

Maybe it was because theirs was a UFO theme and the thought of cranking out some finishes had me all organized - with a spreadsheet, grouped front/back/binding and pre-measured batting.   I laugh at myself re-reading this blog post - it says a dozen to go but I kept adding more.

Floor Galore
Or maybe it was because I was so excited I geniunely cared more that all the swag bags, prizes and supplies were in order than what I'd actually be sewing on.   The massive floor space was ideal for laying out backing -we were so spoiled!

Back for Rip Curl
The design of this one changed a half dozen times from the design wall to the sewing machine - it was like playing with the magnetic origami puzzle my kids had.  I brought it for Show & Tell at the guild meeting last night since not everyone came to the Retreat...although 25 attendees for a small group like ours was a pretty high %.
Back for Fruit Salad quilt
Back for Baby Birdy quilt
Mixing flannel with quilt cotton is new for me but this yellow floral was just too perfect to pass up and I wanted to use the extra blocks from the front.

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Finished: 1
Our MQG's 2nd Annual Fall Retreat
Progress: 6
xPlus Back
Rip Curl Back 
Baby Birdy Back
Baby Birdy top
Fruit Salad (sandwiched, quilted and binding started)
second Schoolhouse (cut out)
To Do:?
Prep for Saturday's workshop Tile Quilt Revival
2 WonkyBraid Blocks f+f2 Nov
unpack and recover from the Retreat

Friday, November 1, 2013

Linky and Lucky

Second Annual SBAMQG Quilt Retreat Starts Today

Feeling Lucky

I'm so fortunate to be part of the South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild and this weekend we are holding our second annual Retreat in the beautiful Santa Cruz redwoods.  Planning and plotting with my committee-mates has been a blast although I'm not very good at secrets so it'll be nice when I can share some pictures of what we've been up to.


This is the second time Anne at PlayCrafts quilt has been on flickr Explorer in MY photo pool.  Her Broken Herringbone tutorial can be found here. Last time it was her Mod Pop picture from the 1st annual Retreat.  I had just read this post on Live a Colorful Life about a similar thing happening with a photo her daughter-in-law took.

A Win Win

Have you been following along with the major eye candy of Fall Quilt Market?  Timing could not have been better for me because I won not one but two link-ups recently and have gift certificates to spend!  Thank you sponsors and hostesses: Pink Chalk  from Leanne at She Can Quilt / Finish It Up Q4 and Fat Quarter Shop from Katie at Swim Bike Quilt 100 Quilts for Kids.

Voting is Open

My last two posts have been reruns for my followers who've seen plenty of Ring Around the Briar Rosies #36 and Tassels #25, but hopefully interesting to anyone new who might be popping in as part of Blogger's Quilt Festival.  Be sure to continue to check out the linky party at Amy's Creative Side because it is a wealth of inspiration. Voting opens today!

Zen Family

I was so happy to be in charge of by baby grand girl's first Halloween costume.  No trick and all treat, this little Koi and her Pond parents stopped by last night.  She's sweeter than candy with all her adorable expressions even after a big day out and about.
Originally I had planned to start from scratch and use a pod/bunting pattern but I found this 0-6mos Pottery Barn goldfish at the thrift store and modified it instead. 
 The pond ponchos were embellished with a couple dozen lily pads made from green stash flannel drawn on with a sharpie and then sewn by machine.  I even found a lotus flower in my gift wrap box and attached it to a barrette (with green hose tape of all things!)  I forgot to take a picture of the coordinating burp pad but heard it came in handy. 


Time for a November LYoF goal to be set and I'm choosing my x-Plus quilt. Here's the top - next time you see it I'm hoping it will be a completed quilt:

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