Friday, July 25, 2014

Companions #1 & #2 MQG fabric challenge

Companions #1 & #2

Finished and uploaded on the MQG Community site just under the wire are my two Michael Miller MQG fabric challenge entries.  I named them Companions #1 & #2 because they are similar but different, related but not the same which kind of reminds me of our two dogs.  
22"x30" Companion #2 
I had hoped for a real photo shoot but settled for the helping hand of my son as he headed out.  We've had super sunny skies resulting in a washed out appearance - where's the fog and overcast when you need it?  Linking up for 2014 Q3 FAL finish and you can see this post where I set my GOAL.
24"x38" Companion #1 
If you're a MQG member take a look at the amazing variety of quilt designs that are pouring in.
For the backing, I had in my stash Michael Miller dots in the two color ways that I thought featured the best of the fronts, teal and green.  The binding is scrappy strategically placed. 
Usually I block off the living room and keep the dogs out while I spray baste.  But this time, the tops are so tiny and it was only going to take a minute.  Well, I turned my back and this is what I got!  Good thing he's adorable and that it's washable. 
FMQ details
If you're wondering why I made TWO entries, let me remind you that it's one less than I made for the Madrona Road challenge with No Inherent Sense of Direction, Driving in Circles and the Bed Runner. 

Burning the Midnight Oil

My Ottlite isn't fueled by actual oil I know, but the glow of it and the hands on the clock (yes, I know they don't actually have hands anymore) reminded me of the saying.  Hubby is hoping to install an LED strip right above my workstation this weekend, fingers crossed. 


Top complete!  I'm thrilled with my version of #greekpluspussquilt.   Pattern testing for @r0ssie_fmq has been fun.  I couldn't help but put a bit of my own twist on the layout.  She'll be releasing her pattern on etsy and Craftsy August 4th.

Linking up to Finish It up Friday with Amanda Jean, Let's Bee Social and TGIFF at quokka quilts

I've got to dash off the spend the day at a Jacquie Gering (Tall Grass Prairie Studio) workshop.  Her QuiltCon class sold out in a blink but thanks to SBAMQG,  she's come to see us! 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fabric and Photo Organizing

King of Photobombing 

When I wrote yesterday's post for Plum and June's Let's Get Acquainted blog hop, I realized my sewing room photos I had to use from my major  Re-Do last year were pretty outdated.    

Chase take the crown from Dottie
So I tried to get a current picture of my stash shelves and had to go into the backyard and shoot from outside an open window (cuz, yes my sewing room is that small).   Chase has always been the camera shy one and Dottie the photobomber - not anymore!
FQ & 1/2 yard-ish bundles
I had to go double deep on the shelf this time with my bundles and did a bit of regrouped by general color theme.  There's a ridiculous amount of fabric but it has stayed relatively sorted for as lazy as I tend to be about filing things back after my workshops and sew days.

Freedom from Clutter

The Ugly Truth - Out of Control
Even though I knew it had to get worse before it got better - ugh, stepping over and around this mess as I cleaned up was pretty bad.  Bags of bags and buckets of who knows what!  It's not done yet but it resembles hoarding a bit less.
No space for this cool container - Sad Face
My Sewing Room is one big WIP and deciding what gets to stay and what needs to go is SUPER difficult for me - but I'm committed to making an effort even if it means ditching my "Flat and Happy" yellow library card cabinet.
My New way of storing strip scraps
Considering I downscaled my stash and scraps thanks to the recent Yard Sale and Flea Market put on by my two local guilds I'm feeling a little more in control.  The big push came during my long 4th of July weekend when I decided to declare Freedom from Clutter.
The old way of storing scraps
I'm also hoping to participate this year in the Where I Sew link up at Pink Chalk Fabrics.  It's so much fun to nose around other people's space don't you think? Wish me luck getting the place camera ready.

Photo Organizing

If nearly three thousand pictures in my flickr pool seems extreme, it's because I also upload photos from our MQG guild meetings and special events plus some are private so i can store them for my own reference.  
Flickr Albums
There's a bit of clutter and chaos in my virtual world too.  I've tried really hard to make some sense of them by creating albums, including monthly and yearly projects, but maintaining them isn't really my forte.  Any advise on keeping on top of things?

Down to the Wire

Linking up to Finish it up Friday has been absent for quite some time but tonight I pulled it off with the completion of my Michael miller mqg challenge. 
Tomorrow in the light of day I'll get a better picture on a background less distracting than my bed so I can post it on the MQG Community site.  Linking up to Finish It Up Friday with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts.

I'm the Caboose 

It's been wonderful to have so many new visitors to my blog and all the comments make my day.

Be sure to visit the 2014 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop.  Beth has a master list of links to make it easy on you.   You'll find me at the very very bottom - Yup - last but not least! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Like Old Times and Something New

Chain+Link Top complete

Classic porch photo shoot 
Ever since my boys were little they have had the honor (or chore depending on who you ask) of holding up my quilt tops on the front porch as soon as I finished them.  I wrote about our tradition in this Duck and Cover post shortly after starting to blog. 

Well now that they're around less frequently the classic porch shot has become less of a regular thing - sad face. Today I got lucky and caught them both, just like old times.   It feels fabulous to have made progress on the Chain+Link wedding quilt for my niece.  Training my granddaughter early, she helped hubby with the billow of the breeze. 

Destash Second Chance

Pulling scraps from the bucket - pure entertainment
I also enlisted her assistance earlier this week with my prep for tomorrow nights annual flea market at our local guild.   A few weeks back our MQG had their very first yard sale and I purged quite a bit but realized after the fact that simply put: I have a ridiculous amount of scraps.  It's hard to part with potential especially ever since making the mod mosaic quilt seen behind her on the floor.  We had to move off onto the carpet to keep our visual sanity.

Pattern Testing

Put some pre-cuts to use and broke into my precious fat eighths of Lotta Jansdotter
I'm pretty new to IG but am finding the "drop everything" immediacy of it kind of appealing.  After diligently chugging along with my other projects lately, I think I earned the detour that my afternoon took when I saw a message from @r0ssie_fmq Rossie Hutchinson that said "Pattern Testers Needed". 
Auditioning possible puss corner square scraps
Her modern mash-up #greekpluspussquilt with it's scrappiness caught my eye and captured my heart.   Sewing on whatever-I-darn-well-feel-like has always been the way I roll (hence my last post confessing to zero completions for Finish along quarter 2).  
From design wall to next to my machine stacked on my big ruler
Not sure I will carve out more time than the 4 blocks in the works but it sure has been fun. She'll be releasing a pattern August 4th available on etsy and Craftsy. 

It's Almost My Turn

Plum and June 
The hop continues so be sure to visit Plum and June for week #3 links along with a fabric giveaway.  I'll be joining in during the next round so I hope to see you back to hear all about me and my blogging and quilting tips.  Until then - happy stitching!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014 Q3 FAL - following a shut out

I have been participating in FAL since January 2012 where I linked up 3 item. Since then I seem to repeatedly bite off more than I can chew linking up two or three times that with mixed results.

2014 Q2 was my low point- Yup. Zero out of ten - my first Shut Out that I recall. 

The group is fun and Katy at The Littlest Thistle very entertaining with her Good-Bad-and-Ugly Stats keeping us on our toes.  

Returning to my roots with 3 here they are:
2014 Q3 FAL
1. Chain+Link : all the parts for the blocks are done - it's an overdue June wedding quilt
2. Michael Miller A : the top is close but I want to make it a bit larger
3. Michael Miller B : spray basted and ready to quilt and bind 

Linking up to 2014 Q3 Goal Setting Party - hope you will too.

The other revelation is that I need to improve my blog tags for searching because I couldn't find my 2012 results post.   I know that they all got finished so I guess that's what matters.