Sunday, March 27, 2016

Diaper Bag and Changing Mat

Diaper Bag and Changing Mat
My niece came to town and I got to meet her baby boy for the first time.  He's SO cute and is growing up so fast. Gifting in person is so much more fun than mailing off a box don't you think?  Making for a maker is also quite gratifying.

The last stitches were being sewn down by hand while we sat chatting - she's a quilter too so I knew she wouldn't mind the last minuteness of the finish.

Here's a photo on the front porch showing a glimpse of the cuteness inside (above) and an inside shot  of the finishing edges and ric-rac detail, (below) more cuteness.  I made a pocket on a pocket because a baby needs lots of little things.
Finishing Inside
I also used elastic along the top of the largest pocket to help keep the changing mat in place but aparently didn't take a photo.  If you're on IG you've seen most of this already and may have even piped in your opinion on what color thread to use.

Wonder clips are great for keeping pin holes from damaging the laminate.  Somehow a finished photo of the mat unfolded was missed as well, but you can get an idea from the progress shot above and from the way this one made recently looks.
Mat Details 
This time I followed the dimensions of the tutorial, made by Marzipan. Matching up the glasses was worth it.  Finding the perfect (flat) button also made me happy.
Washi works well
Kraftex is easy to use and just like laminate I wanted to keep the use of pins to a minimum.  Washi tape temporarily secured the strip in place while it was being topstitched down and then pulled off without leaving anything behind. 

The bag pattern started out based on the free Dritz Cross Body Bag tutorial chosen because an adjustable strap and two free hands seemed the perfect plan.  Since I sued Soft and Stable I didn't want to line it which of course leads to mid-way modifications.   

I was pleased with the Essex linen for the bias-tape type edging and because of the looser weave, I didn't even cut it on the bias.  The color match to the Echino glasses fabric couldn't have been better.

This project was kicked off during a Friday Night Sew Along which is coming up again this week, April 1st - no fooling.   Be sure to play along and cheer along.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Been there, Done that

Color Combo

The Bloggers Quilt Festival has always been a favorite event of mine. Amy at Amy's Creative Side has been hosting it twice a year and I've managed to link up fairly regularly. 

She's mixing it up a bit and has introduced an Instagram version with fun daily themes and giveaways all week.  
I realize as I'm typing that this information  would have served you better last week rather than in the final days of the link up.

Ironically, a news article recapping the fun thing I missed is actually a pet peeve of mine.   In this case, it's never too late to enjoy browsing around this and past festivals to discover great quilts and quilters. 

Changes ahead - or not

You might be wondering about today's post title.  I use the phrase with a tone of annoyance.   

If you're on IG you're probably aware of the recent proposed changes and bandwagon to give ello a whirl. I created an account for the purpose of securing the same name. 

ello name secured

At a time when I've just about found my tribe on IG, the possibility of needing to start again on another social platform from scratch is daunting. 

Reminiscent of when Flickr was my happy place and I was forced to (pretty much) abandon it and stumble around IG "Been there, Done that". 

Deja Vu

Reinventing the wheel apparently happens with the color palette I'm drawn to. Here I thought I was choosing unique combinations for Tilt Shift until I noticed the similarities from several old projects. (Mosaic at the top)

Finish along 2016 quarter one is coming to an end with  only one goal complete. Not much else on the list was touched with the exception of my sons Delectable Mountain and he's given a blue border the thumbs up. 
Blue Border 
Here's a shot of the progress at a recent Quilt Retreat.  The third time it's made an appearance here.  I refuse to bring it again and will complete it at home. 

Progress - again
Another example of having that familiar feeling - there was rain in the forecast during the retreat so I would occasionally check.  
55 and Repeat
I thought my phone app wasn't refreshing but the date/times are all different- just the temperature remained the same.

The next couple days are set aside for making my Layers theme bee blocks for March. I'm super excited about them. 

Forgive the momentary blog post layout, typos and lack of links if you're viewing this before the formatting clean up - I'm doing it all from my phone these days.  Having to access from my computer for that step doesn't happen right away but I am trying not to leave it messy for long. 

For those who of you new to my blog or the festival, here are the previous posts of my entries: 

Fall 2015
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Spring 2015
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Fall 2014
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Spring 2014
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Fall 2012
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Spring 2012
Catalyst (aka Mod Mosaic) - my first time to participate 

Happy stitching. Happy Spring 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Quilt Show - Tilt Shift

Miss M and I 
I had every intention of finishing my mini  "Tilt Shift" before heading to Pasadena  for QuiltCon.  The top had been done for months but I just couldn't wrap my head (or heart) around the remaining tasks so I didn't. 
FMQ progress 
Instead I left knowing that I'd return on Monday night with 3 days to quilt, bind and attach the sleeve before delivering  it ready to hang at our local show.    When I created my 2016  FAL Q1 list, (blogged here)  I knew if nothing else on it was finished at least this one would be. 
Even though I was completely burned out I was also charged up and ready for the challenge.   At the Wild Quilting workshop I shared a photo of the design with instructor Christina Cameli and she generously gave me advice for my approach.
First Face Binding
I wanted to try face binding for the first time despite the time restraint. Definitely the right call enhancing the graphic focus. It wasn't difficult or laborious.
Three to Go

The other two quilts that I entered in the general exhibit as a member of PVQA were thankfully ready to go.  

So much for a bakers dozen 2016 FAL Q1 goal - with Tilt Shift done, that leaves 12 unfinished for next quarter but I think I'll lower the bar for Q2.  It's time to LINK up finishes.  

Be sure to check out the group effort to keep this wonderful event continuing - follow the Facebook page and @finishalong on IG.  

Showing Off

Here's are some photos of the quilts made by my SBAMQG mates  (titles and makers found here) 
SBAMQG quilts
Our MQG chapter is so fortunate to have our local traditional guild provide this wonderful opportunity to share our creations with the community. 
SBAMQG quilts
The layout had the best flow I've ever experienced with an artistic eye for placement and grouping. 
I borrowed back Perspective from Haley and she posed for a photo with it while viewing the show. 
SBAMQG quilts
Amish Lattice 
Mickey's Modern Amish
38th annual is an impressive run of successful shows and 500+ quilts mind blowing. It was interesting and exhausting to have volunteered to breakdown two shows on back to back weekends. 
Vintage treasures
These lovely vintage treasures came from the Bargain Garden - one of my favorite features of the show.  My new swag bag tote came in handy. 
whoops, More Fabric
Some lucky person won the Opportunity Quilt made by Pam Rocco.  I'm the lucky one though since I get to learn from and with her on a regular basis. 
PVQA Opportunity Quilt
I believe next year the dates conflict with QuiltCon so I'll be Savannah and I'll have to miss out. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

QuiltCon West part two -the People and Projects

Some of My Peeps
QuiltCon West 2016.  The much anticipated hanging out with quilty peeps.  Some I rarely see (like my sister) some I had never met in person before but "know" from bees, swaps and IG, some local guild mates I get to play with all the time - it was the absolute sweet spot of the weekend.  I wish I had a photo of everyone!

BeeSewcial mates at QCon
PF Changs was conveniently located near the venue which came in handy the first night puddle jumping to get there and then again for lunch with BeeSewcial mates (L-R around the table: Me, Diane, Leanne, Hillary, Stephanie, M-R, Felicity and Anne)
Blocks received  
It was no coincidence that I chose February as my 2016 month to be Queen because look at all the lovely "Stretch" blocks that were delivered to me in person.

Debbie's Mod Mood
Debbie wasn't able to attend but she was well represented with her beautiful quilts in the show. and I'm honored to have contributed 4 blocks to it.  You can read more on her blog here and the judging here.  First place in the Group Category is pretty fantastic.  

Fans from Class
The night class options for QuiltCon allow for more flexibility with volunteering during the day.  I came away with these two fans, a bunch of parts and a very memorable time with my sister.  enjoying Anna Maria's hysterical stories.

My Sis, AMH and I
Earlier, the entire ballroom was entertained by the wit and wisdom of AMH, Jennifer Sampou and Elaine Theriault moderated by Anne Sullivan on the topic of Getting & Staying Creative, Keeping the Mojo Burning.   It was reassuring to hear the wide range of what works for each of them reinforcing that there is not one right answer or approach as I seek to find my own voice.
Mojo Panel 
You may recognize the quilt on the right from my IG feed and this guild post.  Excited to have it so prominently displayed next to LA MQG aka: The Mothership and to have named it. "Dovetailed" verb: Join together by means of a dovetail, a nod to both the design shape and the collective creation of friendships built to last.
SBAMQG Charity Quilt
I learned about Libs Elliott from my friend Anne last QuiltCon in Austin and signed up for the weight of love workshop as my first choice during the scramble of registration.
Libs Elliott and I

I actually have no intention of following the pattern and cringed at the thought of a predetermined coloring chart but am confident I'll enjoy my free form version. 

Workshop Progress 
Wrapping up the weekend with a Sunday early morning final class.  After little sleep and way more social activity than I am accustom to, I wasn't sure if I had it in me to FMQ but it was great.
Christina - a wonderful teacher
With a love hate relationship with FMQing this class was exactly what I needed to get things flowing. 
My Sample
No surprise the MQG did a fine job of keeping us informed and connected with screens throughout the venue. I also used the app on my phone so much more this time.   Speaking of technology, I slipped into the lecture Modern Quilts from Digital Tools during my volunteer lunch break.   It was fun to have my design and quilt included in the presentation. 

There were so many new people to follow on IG.
Super volunteering in the workshop building meant was a lot of directing attendees and checking in with teachers.   When 2018 rolls around I'll have it all figured out.  
Workshop Building
My sister and I managed to make the Late Night Quilters meet up which was conveniently gathered at the Sheraton where we stayed.
Photo from the Facebook page shared by member Leona McCann. 
eat, drink and talk talk talk
Another impromptu get together and group shot thanks to Stephanie.     The dinner out with my guild was fun too but unfortunately we didn't get a photo. 

Can you spot the block in Debbie's quilt that was a design inspiration for Dovetailed and Castles in the Sand?

Last but certainly not least - the Quilts of QuiltCon.  I confess to having done a terrible job documenting them.  Good news for me at least is that I did throughly enjoy them and other bloggers have included great images capturing quite a few of my favorites.   Our guild secretary Renee shared this post and be sure to check out these posts by Amy Smart , QuiltingJetGirl the MQG and more.

QuiltCon on Facebook  has a beautiful "eye in the sky" photo of the layout.   The magazine can be found online and on newsstands - pick one up if you haven't already!

Friday, March 18, 2016

QuiltConWest Recap Part One- Going, Going Gone

QuiltCon was an amazing whirlwind that I haven't quite recovered from.

Postponing a blog recap until I have the time and headspace to do it justice is kind of like waiting for the ideal conditions to create and that goes against the philosophy of what I've tried to embrace - so here we go. 

Despite having had the date on my calendar for an entire year, preparing for my three workshops was done quite last minute.  This included spray basting the 3 sandwiches for Christina Cameli's Wild Quilting class at midnight the night before leaving.

Hexi, half hexi  and Triangle precut 

The most fun was cutting hexi parts in yummy solid colors for Libs Elliott's For the Love of Y-seams workshop and finally pulling off the shrink wrap on my not so new ruler to do so. 

Fabric Pull
Packing WAY more than actually needed for Anna Maria Horner's Fan Dance because "options, right?" The supply list said Fat-Eights but I didn't want to cut into my yardage for little bits that I may or may not use so I just brought the whole piece. Bless her heart, she had us bring backing and batting in anticipation of actually finishing the top and reaching the quilting stage, such an optimist. 

Swap Buttons
I debated about buttons for #quiltconpinswap and then finally when I decided to order I couldn't narrow the design down so I went with a variety.  I love how affordable and flexible Kyle is cheapestbuttonsnet on Etsy and they arrived in plenty.  

official Selfie
Of course I had to jump on board with the #HelloQuiltCon selfie because putting a face to a name is hard enough without it.  Once of the most wonderful things about big events like this is meeting virtual friends in real life, but it's also kind of stressful.  

Travel Handmade
Plans were to make another travel handmade before the trip but that didn't happen so these bags served me well.  Since I was hitching a ride to and from, I tried very hard to pack light. By next event, I do hope to have sewn a nice lanyard though. 

The road trip to Pasadena with my friends Lori and Pat was entertaining and scenic and surprisingly fast.  We had a touch of raindrops but not much. 

The passing view

Somehow I didn't manage to get a picture of us actually on the road, but here we are hand stitching the binding on a surprise Collaborative Quilt made by the members of our MQG that was gifted at QuiltConWest- but that post will have to wait!
me, Lori and Pat 

I'll be sharing picture of what I made in the workshops and of the people that I got to hang out with next time so that I can jump ahead to realtime again!   Until then, happy stitching.