Friday, April 24, 2015

Marsala - Pantone Quilt Challenge

Today is the deadline for linking up your Marsala to the 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge.
Marsala Quilt - Out of Line
Although I had every intention of participating, unless I start and finish by 11pm the only category I'll be posting to is the Non-Judged Entry for sharing things that were previously made or do not qualify for other reasons.

Browsing around old projects I came up with a few items that seem to be within the color palette Marsala and here they are:   

From my Palm Springs weekend with Heather Ross 
Marsala Hand-dyed 
Quilt for my niece - progress shot
Marsala parts
Flannel backing from stash that matched perfectly for this charity quilt
Marsala Backing
Needle turn appliqué pillow - a birthday gift
Marsala Center
Improv Workshop
Marsala WIP
QDAD (Quilt Design A Day) #240
Marsala Design

It's an odd color but apparently not one that I've avoided in the past - just in 2015 when it would've been nice to have use it, ha ha.  Be sure to check it out even if you haven't entered.  There are familiar faces and it'll be fun voting and seeing who wins the prizes.

ALYoF April and Origami pouches

Done - Complete - Finished 

Amy Loves Kisses, delivered
There's nothing like the feeling of a finish, on time and delivered. I took it back to my sister and she loved it.  Linking up to ALYoF April goal party with a reference back to my goal setting post here. 
Amy's Backside 
One less WIP for her and a finished goal for me. That's a win win.  This is also the first of four 2015 FAL Q2 projects and a happy Finish It Up Friday too.

Charity Pouches for Pooches 

Origami Pouch - pieced version 
Last week I got together with my small quilt group the Fabric Hounds.  In the past we've donated quilts for a local auction event.  This year instead of one big collaborative item, they decided to make up several smaller things.  I volunteered to make all of the coordinating pouches to go along with the animal shaped coin purses they are sewing.  Yes I'm making more things but it still feels like the long end of the stick because these are a breeze. 
Finished Sides
We picked out fabrics for me to take home but the pretty V and Co Simply Color scraps weren't big enough.  I pieced them into an 18" square, problem solved.  Stitching along the sides make the inside seams are a little bulky with the extra layers but it looks nicely finished.   It really is a clever way to avoid raw edges.

Puppy Pouch 
Because I left the pattern on the counter when I walked out the door I referred to the YouTube video by Debbie Shore. I've got a couple more "modification" ideas bouncing around to try out.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Me being Subtle and a WIP

For some people using odd, high contrasting color or mixing prints is outside their comfort zone but for me it's the opposite, that's what I tend towards.  Participating in QDAD has helped me reach beyond my initial reaction and I've made a personal goal recently to branch out try my hand at Subtle.

transparency block for Melissa 9.5x9.5
Melissa (weshallsew) requested transparency in cool blues and greens for her BeeSocial block giving me the perfect opportunity to practice.  The bee is also solids based which automatically helps me edit.

Recent QDAD 
Although my morning QDADing over coffee hasn't returned to a routine I have managed to continue designing and commenting when I can.  My iPhone is so handy that I sit at my computer less when I'm at home which is where I create them - and my blog posts - so both have been sporadic. 

Finished Bee Social blocks for Di
The bee blocks for Di  , (random thoughts do or di), left me "creatively spent" (in a good way).  Sewing up a project that is quick and repetitive was just what I needed to regain balance. 
parts on the design wall
May I present my latest WIP, "Fibbing"  It is a result of the colliding of two worlds: my prepping for the Fibonacci workshop with Pam Rocco and my playing around with fabric from Carol Van Zandt's upcoming line Luna Lounge.
one way to go that I didn't 
At first I was ONLY going to cut my strips for class Saturday since I can't stay the whole time - and one thing led to another and you know, I just couldn't stop!  Deviating from a pattern doesn't always play out.  In the photo above you can see that I attempted to mix scale at the line.  The alignment isn't as bothersome when they are different (see first picture) but here it felt too awkward and I ditched the idea.
the underside 
Don't you love the underside of Luna Lounge too?  The open seams and the sliver peak of two fabrics, yum.  My other quilt in the gray color way is finished and named so stay tuned for that reveal.

my loot
Button, Button, who's got the button - ME.  Thanks to Marci on IG and the after-the-fact Quiltcon Pin Swap.  I've slowly but surely been trying to find everyone on IG.  If you're there and I'm not following you let me know what your IG name is, I'm capitolaquilter.

Next month is Marci's turn for Bee Sewcial and I can't wait to see what direction she'll be challenging us with!

Linking up to WIP Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced.  She's been at Sewtopia (jealous - and happy for her!)

Monday, April 13, 2015

FAL Q2 Goals and a Finish

Goal - Simply Four

Here are my four projects for the second quarter.  I could really use an encouraging boost. 

1. Glam clam - untouched since the top was sewn.  fabric purchased for the back.
2. Carol Van Zandt Luna Lounge - minimal quilting two echos on each side of the red so far, uncertain how much more I will do. 
3. E's 21st bday -  A handful of sample blocks made. An overabundance of dark fabric collected and another couple yards of light ordered.  
4. QDAD P is for pie - so much to do but at least the approach has been figured out, we think.  Scheduling a time to get together with my friend since it's a collaborative project is a bit challenging but something to look forward to. 

Amy Loves Kisses is done. The binding finished up before I got my list together with the help of my lap dog Dottie. Doesn't she know by now it freaks me out having a needle so close to her eye?
My binding Helper
Unofficial items that don't fit the linky party (because they are just at the concept stage or are a secret) that I'm hopeful to work on soon are:
1. Mug Rug for May SBAMQG swap
2. Secret blocks (3)
3. Secret gift
4. Another CVZ Luna Lounge project
5. Riley Blake Challenge
6. C&S Disappearing Hourglass

Linking up my goals for 2015 Finish-Along Q2 at On the Windy Side.  That's it for me, how about you?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

BeeSewcial blocks

One block for Di is complete. Taking a concept to reality is incredibly satisfying when it happens. Pushing myself creatively and technically to this level is rare.  I'm grateful to be part of the BeeSewcial group. Works out well that my top two items on the New Years Resolution list was: improv and solids. 
BeeSewcial Block One
The inspiration image for the April bee block had a color palette that I gravitated to immediately.  The request for circle, oval curved shapes came very timely having just taken Rossie's pebble class at QuiltCon.   I sewed it on Sunday and couldn't resist adding in a yolk. 
Oversized parts
I knew right away the design element of a reflective nature would be my focus. I sew without pins, start with oversized parts and clean up the usable portion by trimming when I decide where it will live in the composition.  

My improv process takes a long time, makes a huge mess and generates left over parts that become the start of another block.   So much fun and satisfying!
Initial Solids Pull
I was asked on IG about "How I Do it" so here's a bit about the improv oval: I layer two solids right side up and cut then I shift one to see the target seem allowance overlap and adjust the curve on one.

Sometimes I use frixion registration marks as you would for garment sewing on the steep sections and of course basic trial and error. When the joints don't end up where I want them to,  creasing the target seem and restitching is done.

Block Two in process
Joining improv curves on a straightaway is so much easier than at a bend which I should've reminded myself before starting.   The parts for the second are a bit scrambled (Easter egg pun intended).  

Not all of this will make it in and because the juices were flowing with less direction than the first block I've done quite a bit second guessing and over thinking.   Linking up with Lee for WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and Let's Bee Social

In case you were wondering about how the Easter basket (tote) from last post went over - check out her expression! 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter basket (tote) & Medallion finale

Photoshoot Finish
On my to do list for some time now was to sew an Easter basket for my granddaughter.   The day before sounds reasonable, right?  
Initial Fabric Pull
Even though it's all about the bunnies, pairing designers is what makes me happy.  In this rare occasion all of the pull made it in plus a solid. 
Inside and Out
I could've made my own but the pink bias tape from the thrift store worked just fine.
Every tote needs a pocket
The straps are especially long because she carries things on her shoulder. I thought about cutting a round piece for the bottom for a bucket shape. Instead I tucked the tips in and tacked them down.

It's hard to capture the lining - here's a glimpse.  Quilting soft and stable was like butter.  Loved doing the accent on the straps again from the cargo duffle pattern          

Medallion Week day 7

Medallion week came to an end with row 7 and a modified row 6.  The really strong center needed a softer outer and the dots in the corners felt imbalanced without bringing in the repeats on the other ones. 
QDAD Medallion Week finale

I called it "stretching my limits"  My favorite part was recoloring those horizontal wedges.

Happy Easter ! 

Friday, April 3, 2015

QDAD Medallion Week

Retro TV

Medallion week on #QDAD has been a lot of fun and an interesting challenge. Although some of the spark palettes have been similar, others are very different and recoloring the same design before adding the next border is a whole new deal. 


The changing scale and level of busyness  has presented an opportunity to fill in the same color choice creating the illusion of omitting or altering a design element.  

Southwestern Midcentury Modern Fusion 

The version above I'm kind of in love with but it might be because it would translate well with Tokyo Trainride. 

No Wonder I liked the Spark palette 

I had to dip into my layer cake and show you what I mean. 

Sweet Tooth 

I managed to only come up with a clever name once with "pigtails" from a girly tea party spark.  Using two colors very similar for a near bleed out draws me to this one.

Hope you'll check out Quilt Design A Day on Facebook and design along with us.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Amy Loves Kisses, I love Retreats

I had commented that the colors in my sisters quilt were sweet as candy but I had to laugh at how true it was when I set down a handful on the table next to it.  The fabric line is "Love" is by Amy Butler so when I posted this photo on IG, the very clever Eileen @Luckycharm93635 commented "Amy Loves Kisses", ha ha.  This is my April ALoF 2015 linky goal. 

Building the Backing
Here's the pieced back - I sized the left over bars and alternated them with chunks of floral.   The front has a lot going on and adorable polkadots (see last post) were just too busy so the pink that reads as a solid won out along with the wavy stripe that will be the binding.

trim time - or not
An interested conversation on IG with Linda @flourishingpalms reminded me that when I first started quilting I use to attach my binding and then trim after.  There is more stability to it and an accurate trim from the stitch line but I've become impatient and like the feel of a "haircut" at this stage.  
View through the open door
We had gorgeous, gorgeous weather and such a pretty view out of the workroom door.  Both front and back were propped open until the sunset which comes much later than it does during our Fall Retreats.
Me & Anne
It seems as though I hardly ever get to hang out with Anne @playcrafts anymore so the extended four day weekend to sew, laugh, eat and chat was especially fun.  When I read the list of attendees I though I only knew a few but it turns out I'm just terrible at matching name with faces and recognized plenty.  My SIL came too and is joining our MQG, yeah.

Tassles, my bunk quilt
Packing which quilt gets to come along and adorn the cabin is kind of fun.  Last time it was Goats Askew, the time before my girly plus quilt.  On my first retreat it didn't occur to me until after to bring one.
Parts and Progress
Finally - the long awaited quilt for my son is more than just a stack of fabric.  I'll have to collect more light fabrics but I'm thrilled with the results so far.  At first I wasn't sure if the directional was going to bother me but I like it up and down and side to side just fine.

 Block Mock up
Also contemplating if I'll mix other than Parson Gray into it or not. Either way, it's a WIP Wednesday!
Plans were for a FMQ marathon to take advantage of the massive space to spread out- that didn't happen.  It wasn't until towards the end but I did manage to sandwich what I came with and we're having a Sew Day soon.

There are a lot of foodies who are also quilters and love to cook.  I however fall on the polar opposite of that stereotype which is one of the reasons all-inclusive is so appealing.  Three meals a day and snacks in between are my kind of arrangments.
Fresh Guacamole 
Happy Valley Conference Center does a wonderful job with local growers and with making things from scratch.  The only thing wrong with the sorbet was that it melted in the sun the day we ate on the patio and that I couldn't take a gallon of it home with me.
Cinnamon Rolls
The fresh cinnamon rolls were available for order the last day- to entice your family to let you come back again and again when you return with a tray of them in your hands.

The next Quilt Retreat for me will be in six months at our 4th Annual MQG private event held here but if you're local and interested in attending a Craft Retreat, check out Jen's dates for the rest of 2015.