Saturday, June 14, 2014

Voile and Satin

You might laugh when I say my granddaughter NEEDED another quilt but she really did. 
I fell in love with these two voile prints from cloud9 Palos Verde when I saw them at Intrepid Thread and knew they would make the perfect project to try out my first satin binding. 

A simple zig zag did the trick. Catching both sides without any pins was just fine for the non-perfectionist in me.

The 40wt aurifil #5014 from my stash was meant to be. I call it scribble fmq and although I wasn't feeling in the zone, I'm pleased with the result. The bamboo batting gives a wonderful drape fresh from the dryer.  Yeah a new finish. Linking to Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday 

 Saturday Sew Day 

Circular Selfie
Last weekend our MQG had a sew day and I borrowed templates from Anne@ PlayCrafts.  She's been creating the most inspiring designs.  The QDAD  (Quilt Design A Day) group on FB is open to all and she's been doing a Friday post on her blog which is becoming a favorite read for me.
I've got a bit of a ruler/template obsession   My order is on the way from etsy shop bettycrockerass

 Sunday Sew Date

Double whammy - the very next day I went to my friends house for a Sewing Play Date with her and her sister.  I spent most -all- of my time taking inventory and prepping the missing parts for Chain+Link. Not glamorous yet necessary and surprisingly rewarding.   
Wedding Quilt and a FALQ2 Goal project

iPhone Posting

In the spirit of learning, trying new things and week 2 of the 2014 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop at Plum and Junes, this post was generated from my iPhone.  After a bit of formatting clean up like and adding of links, it's definitely something I'll do again.

Another change I made was to make a tab for About Me.  While hopping around and visiting so many new ones, it's a feature that I appreciated seeing so it made sense to have it on my own. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Clueless but Learning

Last post I mentioned that I'll be part of the 2014 New Quilt Blogger's Blog Hop at Plum and June next month.  In preparation, we're all busy helping one another improve our blogging experience by asking and answering questions within the group.  Having a forum with no judgement and no such thing as a dumb question is so gratifying and once in a while I actually know enough to assist.

The hop continues on with the second round of participants so be sure to check out all the links HERE and say "Hi" along the way.   PS: She's having a giveaway through the weekend too, so click quick!

Don't pick the Poppies 

You know how you don't know you're clueless until you find out you're clueless?  Well, that was me last week (twice)

First: I found out that for quite some time I've been hitting reply in gmail and chatting back a response to a comment on my blog - what's the catch?  They have been going to because the email address wasn't visible until I clicked on details, ugh! Lesson#1: Look before you type.

Avatar that won't lead here - Don't pick the Poppies
Second: On occasion, I was leaving comments using a wordpress login that linked to a nonexistent blog rather than my real one.   A couple of years ago I tossed around the idea of moving from blogger and had created a blank blog with the same buddy icon so when I wrote a comment and my face showed up - it looked exactly the same to me!  I've updated the wordpress avitar so I can distinguish it and not make that mistake again. Lesson #2 What you see isn't always what you get.

Clothes for Baby

 In sewing news, I picked up a couple of patterns for cheap and am going to give them a try.  There are a ton of cute, free tutorials online but I'm lazy to tape together the parts off my printer.  My baby grand girl is now 9 months old (gasp) and growing bigger every day.  Starting with an easy summer outfit seemed smart and who can resist ruffled bloomers?!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

a WIP and a HOP

MQG Fabric Challenge Top

MQG Michael Miller Fabric Challenge Top Complete
With an extended deadline for the MQG Michael Miller Fabric challenge, I'll have no excuse for finishing this one up on time.  Now that members are uploading their entries on the MQG Community Forum I am very motivated.   It was important to me that I created an original design and to incorporate a bit of machine appliqué which I don't do often.
Machine Applique Close Up
 Actually - there are two quilts that I'm working on because I just couldn't seem to get my "parts" to play nicely together.   The far right has progressed into a more improv design and isn't quite there yet.Here's my design wall at one point.  The initial idea was to have different lengths of hooks stair stepping in  the quilt.  The colors are much softer in petal pinwheel than my usual palette.  
The parts on the far left didn't make the cut at all although I do like the question-mark-ish shape that was happening and may revisit that concept later.  Linking up to WIP Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced and as my June Goal for ALYoF. 

Are you ready to HOP?

I'm excited to be part of the New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop this year.  Plum and June hosts this wonderful series and I've learned so much already.  Notice how my header is new and my sidebar is cleaned up?! 

The Blog Hop is in a few phases to give you a chance to check out as many of the 80+ participants that you can manage.    I'll be on the July link up list so be sure to visit again then.
Plum and June
Also, don't miss out on the Advice for New Bloggers at Plum and June.  She has a convenient page listing participants from not only this year but from previous ones too.  Even if you don't blog yourself, it'll lead you to some really great people!!

iPhone App

Lately it seems like there are more pictures of my granddaughter than of my sewing but at least many of them are ON my quilts! I'm lucky enough to spend time with her and we get to not only play dress up and photo shoot but I have fun matching up her outfit with the quilt.
I'm still getting to know my iPhone and try not to get distracted by too many apps.  One that I just love is PhotoGrid.  Rather than spamming my Facebook and Instagram feed with a zillion pictures, I make a mosaic with a few quick clicks. 
Super handy for posting the Show and Tell photos that I take each month at our SBAMQG meetings. It use to take me much more time using BigHuge Labs Mosaic Maker along with editing in Avery on flickr.  Now it's uploaded to our album before some members even get home. 

What's your favorite app?