Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 2013 Mosaic / FAL Q1

It is Fresh Sewing Day link up time with another page flipped on the calendar this weekend. Crazy!

I've started a set for myself in flickr to file away these monthly mosaics as a way of keeping track of projects. Blog housekeeping is not my favorite part but an attempt to maintaini a resemblance of order seems the least I can do.  Consolidating my tabs and sidebar for "links" was also part of this effort.

Finish A Long 2013 Q1 -Six of Seven!

FAL Q1 is also coming to a close with a tutorial hop that is sure to be fun and informative. I'm happy to say that 6 of the 7 qualifying projects are DONE.  1) No Inherent Sense of Direction 2) Tassels 3) Driving in Circles 4) Luminosity 5) Sisterly Love 6) QuiltCon Charity featured below (and previously blogged herehere and on our MQG blog here).

The swap tote was made too but with only a few of the original fabrics pulled and was only a concept (like the schoolhouse tunic) so it shouldn't been in my goals post to begin with. The Scrappy Trip is in my UFO bucket without really any incentive to finish.
Q1 Goals Mosaic
Leanne posted a Q&A that was really helpful if you are in FAL or joining us for Q2, take a peak.  It'll be interesting to see how the other 175 participants did.

I'll use this post to link up the finish of the QuiltCon Charity FMQ since the other items already have finish postings to link to (see above). It might be hard to tell from the original Goal Mosaic picture but the bottom row center is the stack of blocks we started with and the back was made by our talented founder and President Tina- so proud of what they became:
Katie Blakesley of SwimBikeQuilt was sweet enough to send me this picture showing our SBAMQG quilt displayed at QuiltCon and I think it looks great with all the others.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Long awaited xPlus and Secrets

The xPlus went in my "to make" list the minute I saw it last year and now that it seems to be just about everyone - I'm going to get one of my own thanks to the ladies of F+F2 and MoStash. I'm queen bee for April in both swaps and this is the mosaic I've created for them along with a Gallery on my flickr.

Lucky Miss April - that's me

Usually I make a mock up of the block that I request but there were so many great ones already out there I didn't bother. Most likely I will wait until they come before I decide what to add to them and will likely make another dozen for a 6x7 layout although I do love a square quilt, 6x6 or 7x7.... The other idea is to make a couple of 24" blocks and mix in... has you seen that done?

Sshhh... it's a Secret

Finish it Up Friday has me at a disadvantage with my secret partner not having confirmed delivery of the After Sewing Swap package which is expected to be today. Here is a sneak of it to keep the surprise and later I will edit to add the full reveal.
Made using my QCR (Quick Curve Ruler) - any chance I get

EDIT: package arrived at my partner Tsoniki's house and so here's the entire Runner and Trivet. I took this picture on my table before mailing it off:

I'm letting the cat out of the bag about the wonderful package that came in the mail from Liz. She had posted a hexies teaser that I immediately chimed in on and lucky me, they were for these pot holders:
Swap Received 
The improv Kaffe shot cotton and amazing modern FMQ details of my table runner are sure to make everyone jealous and dinner time more appealing. Thank You Liz aka: FatChickQuilts!
After Sewing Summit Swap received 
Speaking of secrets... congrats to Junebug for winning the Intrepid Thread PlayCrafts palette builder contest.  It's fun to recognize swappers out there in blogland - you can read her post from a year ago when she was my secret partner in For The Love of Solids and made me the wall quilt that proudly hangs in my sewing room and shown in my very first blog post.

Monday, March 25, 2013

March Bee Blocks and ALYoF link up

I'm happy to say that I will not be tardy with my March Bee Blocks like I was last month...
Scrappy Sprout for F+F2
 I accidentally created a blue birdonkey by attaching the top of a bird to the bottom of a donkey and we all got a nice big chuckle out of it at SBAMQG Sew Day.
This shot of Twisted Tweet has made several appearances on the blog but here it is again for the official  March Goal completed linky party at A Lovely Year of Finishes (ALYoF) with this link to the original post when it was all just a pile of fabric. Yeah for me!
Finished ALYoF goal for March
Moda's Tweet Tweet 
Haven't given much thought to the April goal for ALYoF link up but I suppose that I should.  My month for bee swapping is coming up and I need to run a test block to post.  I'm pretty sure I'll do the ever so popular X+ because it's been on my to do for forever.  What I haven't decided on are the parameters about fabric or color choice.  I may just go all scrappy!
teaser for After Sewing Summit secret swap
My WIP for the week is further along than this sneak shown here but I don't want to spoil the surprise for my After Sewing Summit partner. Linking up to WIP with Lee at Freshly Pieced - check out her piles of HSTs and all the other link ups.
Absolutely no progress on the sewing room redo unless you count picking up room darkening drapes to protect my fabric from light damage once they are in the open bookshelves. 

Part of the distraction was that my sister is in town and we've had gorgeous mid-70s Spring weather hanging at the beach.  I was able to present her with the surprise Sisterly Love quilt - which she loved:)
Sisterly Love hanging at the Quilt Show Feb '13
a perfect match at home on her couch
EDIT: Linking up to FAL Q1 with Leanne of She Can Quilt as one of the 6 of 7 qualifying projects done.  1) No Inherent Sense of Direction 2) Tassels 3)Driving in Circles 4) Luminosity 5) Sisterly Love also blogged here and here 6) QuiltCon CharityOriginal Goal post here
2013 FAL Q1 Goal Mosaic 
Happy Quilting.

WIP tally:

Complete: 2 or 4 depending on how you count them
Blocks for F+F2 March (blue & orange scrappy sprout 2)
Blocks for MoStash March (scrappy string X blocks 2)

Progress: 1
After Sewing Summit secret Swap (almost done)

No Progress: 2
Jigsaw in Batiks 21st B'day quilt 
Sewing Room ReDo

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a WIP, 3 Finishes and a Giveaway Winner

Scrap basket for March Bee Blocks
A basket of scraps, a FINISHED Tweet Tweet Twist quilt and a couple of curtains is about all that I have to show for my week.  The disassembling of my sewing room has but a damper on progress (blogged here).

Thank goodness for our MQG Sew Day this Friday so that I can complete my March bee blocks and not be tardy.   I can't share my After Sewing Summit swap quite yet because it's a secret and it's not quite done!
I managed to sew up some curtains, two sets. Unfortunately I only took pictures of this one. The fabric was kind of slick and really unique. Backing it with a heavier weight cotton took a lot of care and I spent a great deal of time making sure to line up the super sized floral print at the split.  I also used the pinking blade in my rotary which doesn't happen too often.
I wanted them to be full enough to have a nice drape but not distort those great images.
One Yard of Echino Giveaway 
This Wednesday not only means a WIP linky at Freshly Pieced but that I also get announce the winner of the yard of Echino as my first giveaway in celebration of my one year Blogiversary.  Thank you to all who entered and commented on why you started blogging or why you quilt.

Congratulations goes to Barbara who wrote:
barbara woodsMarch 16, 2013 at 3:49 PMto keep me quilting, you need some thing to keep nose to the grindstone . if you blog about quilting then you have to quilt , right?
With 3 complete, I'm linking to Finish it Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts.
Here's my WIP tally for the week:

Complete: 3
Tweet Tweet Twist
Room Divider
Closet Curtains

Progress: 2
Jigsaw in Batiks 21st B'day quilt (mid-way halt)
After Sewing Summit secret Swap (inching closer)

To Do: 2
Blocks for F+F2 March (blue & orange scrappy sprout 2)
Blocks for MoStash March (scrappy string X blocks 2)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bloglovin and lovin' blogging

I should have a blogiversary more often!  It is so much fun to have so many comments in one little post especially from my followers - thanks folks.  The Echino giveaway is open for another day and then I'll pick a winner the old fashioned way with slips of scrap paper, a pencil and a basket.

Today I'm testing out the Claim Your Blog  option for Bloglovin so you can (hopefully) follow me using the button on the sidebar, we'll see how I do.  The import of blogs that I follow seemed to work seamlessly making the transition off of Reader hopeful.

fingers crossed....
temporarily relocating fabric buckets
On a  more exciting and exhausting topic... I have started the reorganizing of my sewing room by temporarily relocating the fabric buckets. Since this picture, I've added to the stack the scrap tubs and non-quilty weight fabrics.  The bookshelves and desk need to be assembled but first I have to clear out completely and shampoo the carpet.  I expect a major dip in sewing production... :(

Saturday, March 16, 2013

1 year Blogiversary and Echino giveaway

I'm not sure how my One Year Blogiversary happens to fall on National Quilting Day but it did and it is TODAY!

When I wrote my first post "Let the blogging begin" on Friday March 16th 2012 little did I know that I'd hit 140 posts twelve short months later - so much for slow going.   I guess I shouldn't be surprised since it's really just virtual talking about quilts and fabric and I do like to do plenty of that !

I also think it's super sweet that the comments from that first post are from friends that I still connect with on a regular basis - thanks guys.   For me blogging has never been about how many followers or page counts I get although I'll admit I do love it when someone takes the time to say hi.  It is a way for me share inspiration and excitement about projects I'm working on or have seen others make.
My virtual cake:"From a Patchwork of Friends"
There are a ton of giveaways out there because of National Quilting Day but I felt compelled to toss one more into the mix as celebration of MY special day.  I'm a big fan of Echino (and aqua and peacocks....) so I'm giving away one yard of this fabulous linen/cotton fabric from a collection by etsuko furuya for Kokka.
One Yard for One Year Blogiversary Giveaway 
To enter, just leave me a comment letting me know one of the reasons why you started blogging.  If you don't blog then share a reason why you quilt.  Leave a second comment letting me know you are a follower for a bonus entry. International entries welcome. I'll choose a winner on Wednesday March 20th so be sure that I have an email address to contact you.

One last note about the cake picture above: years ago my friends surprised me with a quilt themed party "From a Patchwork of Friends"and I chose this photo as an entry to the PlayCraft's palette builder fabric bundle contest and giveaway at Intrepid Thread. Now it just makes me want to run to Gayle's and buy a real Princess Cake, don't you think?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tweet Tweet Twist Complete

Just in time for the Charity Auction benefit for Leukemia Lymphoma Society- I'm pleased to present a classic front porch shot of Tweet Tweet Twist, complete for Finish it Up Friday.
Moda's Tweet Tweet fabric with a Twist and a Twirl
Yummy Green flannel Back
The quilt was inspired by Jaybird's Fast Forward pattern only I used squares of fabric following the directions on my Lazy Angle ruler rather than stripped pieces.  After I was done cutting all of the units I realized that I could have cut a rectangle instead and saved a couple of steps - oh well.
FMQ partially done
I don't usually pre-wash my fabrics except for flannel and linen but in this case the Pink was from my stash and had been washed so I tossed the Tweet Tweet in as well.  I used Pellon Cotton batting and Aurifil 50wt for piecing and quilting.  Finished size 48"x60".  This is also my March ALYoF entry so I'll be linking up to that when it goes live. 
mis-cuts and left overs
Collaborative projects are so much fun and my friend did the binding on this - machine stitched - it looks great and I'm warming up to the idea (I've been a hold out in case you didn't know that about me). There will be more to come since I have a stack of mis-cuts and left overs - enough to make an entire quilt. So typical !

This morning I'm also playing around with photos and the palette builder at Play-Crafts as part of Intrepid Thread's fabric bundle giveaway contest.  I owe my oldest son an Oak Tree Quilt inspired by a photo shoot I did of him back in High School... and the picture of him as a little kid playing with crocheted finger puppets that grandma made was too cute to resist. Not sure which I'll enter...
love this picture of him....

Better get back at it - Happy Quilting
P.S. Tomorrow is my one year Blogiversary and I'll be having an Echino giveaway so be sure to check back!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


In the long run... it will be worth it.  My quilting progress has been sidetracked by the desire...need..peer pressure :)... to redo my sewing space.  There are a few things that are a bit further along than last posting and some new items on my list of to do, but not a finish in sight.
 New project: curtain out of this fabulous huge scale botanical print fabric.
I found two chunks of batting that need joined before I can sandwich and FMQ the Tweet Tweet Twist charity quilt.  Isn't that green flannel going to be great? Linking up to ALYoF mid-month check in and feeling pretty good about my progress!
Deadline is today for my nephews Japanese Jigsaw 21st Birthday quilt and this is as far as I was able to get.  He'll forgive me I'm sure.
Here's our new futon.  It's going to be the furniture that the dogs ARE allowed on so a more practical cover is in order. I'm not sure if I will sew a full on zipped fitted one or just make a quilt that is large enough to drape and easy to toss in the wash.
This cabinet is the only item not still in a box. My sewing room makeover will consist of another one, two bookshelves and a desk with an ergonomically correct chair - unlike my current configuration. 

Progress: 2
Tweet Tweet Twist Charity Quilt (3/22)
21st B'day quilt : scrappy Jigsaw in Batiks (by 3/13 - late)

To Do: 3 

Swap for After Sewing Summit (table runner by 3/11-3/27)

Blocks for F+F2 March (blue & orange scrappy sprout 2) 

Blocks for MoStash March  (scrappy string X block 2) 

Linking up to WIP Wednesday and ALYoF. Hope you're making progress or at least have a fun reason why you're not!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tote Swap, Charity Quilt and Bee Blocks

I've been working away - starting new projects.  When my secret partner was assigned for our SBAMQG tote swap I couldn't have been more thrilled.  Julia is a big Heather Ross and also said she liked Echino - both of which I adore as well.  It was pretty obvious who I made my tote for the minute I pulled it out of the bag that I didn't even pretend it wasn't for her.
Not sure why I haven't learned to adjust layout for the portion that is hidden on the bottom and sides.  The aqua is barely visible and the washy shaped stitching on the grey just peaks out.  I was please with the decision to use the same fabric on the edge of each side so that when the front and second-front were sewn the merged together. 
The tote is reversible but I forgot to turn it inside out and take a picture of the sunglass flipped out.  During our last secret swap, Julia made my pillow seen here.
This time I received my secret swap from Tina aka: Little Blue Cottage. A big gorgeous tote made with Anna Maria Horner velveteen and detailed with lush trim. I LOVE IT and it's so me.
Progress on my Tweet Tweet Twist feels good.  The silent auction is still weeks away and I'm ready to spray.  I'm using the most perfect shade of green flannel for the back.
It wasn't until I was looking at the photo from Show and Tell that I noticed the left twist is attached upside down.  I considered leaving it but have since rotated it around to the create originally intended pink star shape like the right hand side. Binding will be in pink to blend the sides out.

My Bee blocks for F+F2 February were fun to make using a new to me process and freezer paper and Linda's tutorial.  The  second one is my favorite and I got a little better at the machine applique stitch as I went along. Can't wait to see them all together. Last year Linda's F+F quilt was spectacular.  
I've had 21 years to make my nephew his birthday quilt and it looks like I might be tardy on this one.  Still a week away but... we will see. I'm please with the colors and fabric pull. 
Linking up to WIP Wednesday with guest blogger Claire at Sewing over Pins who has a fun photo shoot reminiscent of this windy QuiltCon picture that Anne took of me.  Also inking up to Finish it Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts and Whoop Whoop at Confessions of a Fabric Addict because although I don't have quilt I've got a tote and my blocks and they count, right?!.
Finished: 2
Secret Tote Swap MQG  
Blocks for F+F2 February (2) 

Progress: 2
Tweet Tweet Twist Charity Quilt (3/22)
21st B'day quilt : scrappy Jigsaw in Batiks (by 3/13 - likely late)

To Do: 3 
Swap for After Sewing Summit (table runner by 3/11-3/27)
Blocks for F+F2 March (blue & orange scrappy sprout 2) 
Blocks for MoStash March  (scrappy string X block 2) 

Pantone Challenge (by 3/8)