About Me

I'm Karen, good old flickr and IG (instagram) known as CapitolaQuilter - because I live in Capitola, California, a little beach town with (usually) mild weather - the only kind I can handle! 

Selfie 2022

I try to update this page with big life changes, keeping a focus on quilting. 

Solo Quilt Show 2013

I learned how to sew clothes (not quilts) from my mother and in 4-H as a child. In the late 90’s I made quilts occasionally, taking classes and teaching myself new techniques.  

Things changed in 2009 when I discovered Flickr and the online quilting community. I quickly became an active participant in swaps, bees and blog-hops. In 2011, I became a founding member of The Modern Quilt Guild’s Santa Cruz chapter and joined the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association.  In 2012 I began blogging and here we are!

Attending quilt retreats and participating in guild and online challenges are especially fun.  Collaborative projects and social sewing are also among my favorite things to do. 

My design style is ever evolving  but I do love to work from my stash and incorporate scrappiness into my quilts.   Starting in 2014 & 2015 I've enjoyed designing and working further outside the box as an admin of the QDAD Facebook group (quilt design a day) and member of Bee Sewcial broadening into graphic minimalism, Improv Abstraction and beyond. I've also had the honor of being an Aurifil Artisan 2021, 2022 and 2023. Most recently I was the Featured Speaker at the PVQA 46th Quilt Show February 2024 with a special exhibit and lecture trunk show. 

You’ll see a cameo appearance from the dogs in our lives through the years.  Parker joined our family October 2023 continuing our love of the German Shorthair Pointers breed.  Chase and Dottie kept us entertained since adopting them in 2002. They passed away in September 2015 and July 2016 and are deeply missed.  In the summer of 2019 we fostered and adopted a GSP fur baby Rudy who you'll see mostly on my instagram feed.  It's a long complicated story, no fault of his or ours but in 2021, he was rehomed through the GSP Rescue.
You may notice that my blog is kind of like my quilting in that perfection is not the goal and a little like my sewing space, kinda messy and not well maintained, haha.  There will probably be poor grammar, misaligned formatting and old links that don't work,   Hope you enjoy despite the flaws and thanks for stopping by! Karen