Friday, April 27, 2012

It's like a Puzzle

The stack of 5" squares I prepped for the BAMQ Sew In last weekend seemed like a lot, but I had underestimated the number needed for a 45x54 baby quilt by a lot.

"Quilt math" as I like to call it is my least favorite part of the process but this should be easy, 10x12=120 less75 made = 45 more to go, right? Well, yes and no.

Because there are full and partial stars in Sparkle Punch I was faced with the dilemma of determining exactly what parts to the puzzle were missing.  After way too much thinking and placement fiddling - I decided to throw it up on the design wall and just fill in what I needed visually. A way better approach than math for me - this is the end result.

Elizabeth's QAL has the assembly done in quadrants so I'm splitting this into four and hope to have a top to share soon.  

Wait 'til you see what I have in store for the backing.....

BeeBlocks:Raspberry Papaya Daffodil
Teal We Meet Again

Finish It Up

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts along with these two because although the Dr. Seuss top isn't done, the parts are all accounted for and that qualifies in my book!  Who knows, maybe by mid-night I can get it all sewn together and then I won't be such a rule bender.

Here's a question about the Dr Seuss quilt: Gray or What?
I get a bit of grief on a regular basis for using so much grey... but because I didn't want white (impractical for a baby and besides, the Thing One and Thing Two fabric would blend out). What other color for the background could I have chosen?
Happy Quilting!


  1. Perfect for a baby bright and cheerful. I personally love the background -- I have a grey obsession too. :)

  2. Loving what you have so far. Insofar as background colors go, you're kind of limited. White (like you say - impractical), in the Beige family (too boring), pale pastels maybe?, Black (too stark). I'm thinking gray is quite nice.

  3. I think the gray looks great, especially with some of the fabrics that have white as a background. I totally understand not wanting to use white, as I have 2 boys and white is a color that rarely stays white in our house ;-). I rarely use it too. I admit that it can really make colors pop, but after that quilt is used a few times, IMO, it starts to not look so good. There's a reason you see so many white shirts in the boys clothing clearance racks LOL!

  4. Lovely wonky cross quilt! And wow about Sparkle Punch - good luck!

  5. I love the fabric contrast on Sparkle Punch. It's going to be beautiful.

  6. oh i love how bright and fun your sparkle punch quilt is

  7. The gray is great .I love the teal we meet again quilt top.
    Thanks for sharing.


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