Friday, July 5, 2013

When things work out...

I couldn't have planned it better to have created the perfect pre-cut ties from the strips of "waste" when I fussy cut the centered feathers for the bumper pad.   The peacock motif placed itself nicely on the cradle ends with one right smack in the middle. Don't you just love when unexpected things work out?
ALYoF July Goal
With my room redo and last task of organizing notions yet to do, I could not put my hands on the elastic to make the fitted sheet however I did find handy tutorials like this one. Thanks for the input on adding solids and thread choices for the cradle quilt.
SBAMQG July Guild Meeting by capitolaquilter
SBAMQG July Guild Meeting, a photo by capitolaquilter on Flickr.
I struck out on my May ALYoF with Rip Curl unfinished and didn't even link up with a June goal - super pathetic.  For July's ALYoF goal rather than roll it over, I'm choosing the cradle set with the bumper, sheet and quilt since I have a momentum going.

My book arrived for the Zakka 2.0 Patchwork Please Sew Along and although it's already week 5, I'm not feeling left behind since it runs all the way to October 7th. I think this bundle of Cream and Sugar from my "You are my Sister" Swag Bag will be perfect for the kitchen chapter.

Since the last time I linked up to Finish It Up Friday I did manage to get some items done including the bee blocks all mailed off on time. More about June finishes in this post.
I also had the privilege of helping to set up the very special benefit "You are my Sister" event at Hart's Fabric on Sunday where our SBAMG Low Volume Improv collaborative quilt was displayed and auctioned by Heather Ross with a photo featured on her most recent blog post . Check it out along with the list of Raffle winners.
Straightening my donation quilt "Bolt"
Adrianne at Little Bluebell also wrote this lovely recap with lots of pictures of the evening. I brought my camera and did take a single shot - thank goodness for friend and iPhones.
In January I'll be heading with a friend to Palm Springs for the Weekend Crafts Workshop and am so excited for the opportunity to hang out with Heather again.  She is not only incredibly talented and inspiring but the most genuine and easy person to be around.    I really do need to brush up on my needlework skills so I'm not a total star struck dork when I meet Anna Maria Horner for the first time.
Briar Rose by Heather Ross
Of course I just had to pick up a little bit of Briar Rose at our MQG meeting after Julia's feature fabric talk - and after seeing her in the adorable Hawthorne blouse. When I got it home I paired it with a few Windham solids.  Getting my hands on it as an early release feels like I should drop everything and start a new quilt now- and maybe I will.

There's a new twist to A Lovely Year of Finished with what I'll call a challenge: link up a goal and finished project for the next six months to qualify - Pretty fun stuff to keep us all going although if the last six months are a clue I won't likely be in the running but maybe you will.  Collectively, 665 goals were met and 37 prizes awarded - not bad people!  Read more HERE.


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  2. Wow--heading to Palm Springs? What a great thing to have on your calendar--it will make your heart sing, for sure, as you cut and sew all fall. It's in my backyard, so to speak; I should get it together and go some day.

    Lovely rundown of the events you've been to and fun to see a photo or two of the Big Evening.



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