Saturday, October 12, 2013

2013 FAL Q4 Goals - sweet sixteen


Every quarter when I set my goals I'm amazed at just how many possibilities there are.   I've narrowed it down to 16 and know for sure I'll actually make other projects that couldn't be included because I didn't want to ruin the surprise since they are gifts.

If some of these look familiar it's because they are repeat offenders and manage to roll over Quarter to Quarter, even year to year.
I've split up the mosaic in no particular order and although I'd like to crank them all out before 2014 I'll be happy to chip away at whatever gets finished.  Some of these are blocks received from swaps while others are abandoned projects. Three are tops that have come to a screeching halt and need backs before I can baste, quilt and bind them.  They're the closest to being done and should come first.

1. Curve On: Parts from Sherri Lynn Woods workshop hoping to make it a top then a quilt.
2. Sparkle Punch: SBAMQG Quilt Along, major lack of progress does not set a good example as VP
3. Rip Tide: finish for my son, promised before grand baby arrived
4. 3x6/4x5: Navy Aqua Gray blocks sash into a quilt - this color combo was a favorite of mine
5. Seaside HST: layout will likely be different despite the fact I spend days deciding on this one
6. Polaroids: I want to make a fun gift - so many people have used my tutorial and finished so I should
7. Fruit Salad: top needs made into a quilt 
8: Mixed Scale xPlus: Top Priority, Must, Must Make
9: Batik Shuffle: 80% of this is cut and partially sewn - have totally forgotten where I left off 
10. Mod Mosaic: Left overs destined for an improv setting 
11. Equinox: Traumatized years ago by templates and curves - now ready to face this again. 
12. Bonus HST: Should be fun and freeing to layout. 
14 AMH Stars: Left over from Starred Swoon and can hold their own, such pretty fabrics 
15. Grammy's Gray: This is a picture of the swap blocks I made and sent and I didn't even take a photo of the ones I got back - straight into a UFO bucket.  This new Grammy's head is hung in shame
16. Crazy Bento: How hard can crazy be?

Linking up to Leanne at She Can Quilt for FALQ4 Goals.  
The deadline is looming so head on over and join the fun.  What do you have that you hope to FINISH before the New Year?


  1. That is quite the list! Your projects are beautiful

  2. Projects that roll over from year to year? I know nothing about that! :D Good luck with the list - sixteen is an awful lot!

  3. You crack me up: "repeat offender." I have several of these terrorizing my life, as well! Your quilts are all beautiful--can't wait to see them come to closure and completion!

    Elizabeth E.

  4. Love your commentary on your list. ;-) you go girl!

  5. 16!? That's an ambitious list! Looks like you'll have some beautiful finishes though :) Good Luck!

  6. Oh my, These are lots of Projects - good luck from me too


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