Monday, February 24, 2014

Quilt Show Weekend

Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds 
I was fortunate once again to be (a very small) part of the enormous undertaking of the 36th annual PVQA quilt show at the beautiful Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. Volunteering during set up on Friday had the added bonus of breakfast and lunch and then I returned for the Preview Party that night which included dinner - best fed day in a long time.

2014 PVQA Quilt Show

back of Pup Art auction quilt
Helping with the Live Quilt Auction on Sunday was fun and nerve racking - especially when Pup Art came up on the block, #60 out of 66.   It was a hit with an entertaining bout of bids flying back and forth.  I was able to snap a better shot of the back before it went on display.

Three of my quilts were displayed.  I borrowed back Ring Around the Briar Rosies from my granddaughter and the Carpenters Block quilt from my hubby (and our dogs).  Thank goodness those two washed up and de-furred just fine.  xPlus came straight from the show at our LQS.  Now that it's home we'll have it on our bed.

Our MQG also donated a raffle basket - you can see a peak of the Echino clutch I made.  I stitched our new logo onto the fabric ribbon - isn't it adorable?  

Some years I drive away with a trunk full of fabric scraps from the Bargain Garden (it's sold for cheap by the pound).  This year I managed one small half full bag and am happy for that considering my sewing room has become a cluttered mess.

This gem of a pattern had the original "four color iron-on transfers" inside.   I can't imagine who thought of putting Wesson Oil, Hunt's Catchup and Canada Dry Soda logos on a jumpsuit - a better question might be, why?  

I was baffled. So I bought it.  


  1. Hi Karen, I loved getting to see your xPlus quilt up close. Even tho' your pix are good you just can't appreciate how great all the wonderful prints are up close and what a great blend of small and large scale textures are going on! I loved the dog quilt too! I'm gld to hear the bidding was lively! cheers, Claire W.

  2. I'm so glad the pup quilt sold well, it was such a fun quilt! :D
    Please tell me you're going to make that jumpsuit. Maybe in some nani iro? ;)

  3. That jumpsuit would look so awesome on you, Karen! Congratulations on your quilt in the show :)

  4. I hope you're going to make that jumpsuit, transfers and all!! Congratulations on the show!

  5. Fantastic quilts and it looked like a great show, and yes, pleeease, you have to make the jumpsuit haha!

  6. Love the quilts. I am just laughing over that jumpsuit pattern. I can't imagine those logos either. so so funny!
    I love your Enchino clutch!!!!

  7. Sounds like you had a great time at the quilt show. My sister lives in Watsonville and since I grew up in California I love visiting Santa Cruz when I come out to visit her.


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