Friday, March 21, 2014

Quilting while on vaca

I'm having a wonderful visit with my sister  in Arizona. It's my first time here and the low volume varied texture of the  landscape is inspiring many quilts to come.
The project in the works now however is a rainbow beachy themed surprise gift for one of her friends.  I told her that I could make a quilt in a weekend and we are trying out that theory.  We don't get to spend time together often so this is really special.
The goal is to teach her FMQ so it's important not to get caught up on the back because I know that's easy to do when improvising.  Odds are it'll turn into a "second front", we'll see.
We've seen the Chihuly in the garden exhibit, toured Frank Lloyd Wright and she pampered me yesterday with a day at the spa.
Sewing on the Juki fresh out of the box has been fun but mostly creating collaboratively with her makes the late night marathons worth the puffy eyes in the morning.

We picked up my son from the airport last night and have baseball games every day from now until we leave so Spring Training takes front stage from here on out. 

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Paula's Quilt

To Do:
3 birthday quilts
2 wedding quilts
improv workshop top
curve on quilt top


  1. That sky is so amazing :) I have been to Phoenix once and loved the desert and those endless skies…. Have a fab time.

  2. Lovely photos and your quilt looks great xx

  3. So fun! And I'm glad I found you on instagram!! :)

  4. The colors are so nice. Congratulations.

  5. Juki, spa, warm sunsets, and a beautiful quilt! How awesome is that!?


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