Thursday, June 12, 2014

Clueless but Learning

Last post I mentioned that I'll be part of the 2014 New Quilt Blogger's Blog Hop at Plum and June next month.  In preparation, we're all busy helping one another improve our blogging experience by asking and answering questions within the group.  Having a forum with no judgement and no such thing as a dumb question is so gratifying and once in a while I actually know enough to assist.

The hop continues on with the second round of participants so be sure to check out all the links HERE and say "Hi" along the way.   PS: She's having a giveaway through the weekend too, so click quick!

Don't pick the Poppies 

You know how you don't know you're clueless until you find out you're clueless?  Well, that was me last week (twice)

First: I found out that for quite some time I've been hitting reply in gmail and chatting back a response to a comment on my blog - what's the catch?  They have been going to because the email address wasn't visible until I clicked on details, ugh! Lesson#1: Look before you type.

Avatar that won't lead here - Don't pick the Poppies
Second: On occasion, I was leaving comments using a wordpress login that linked to a nonexistent blog rather than my real one.   A couple of years ago I tossed around the idea of moving from blogger and had created a blank blog with the same buddy icon so when I wrote a comment and my face showed up - it looked exactly the same to me!  I've updated the wordpress avitar so I can distinguish it and not make that mistake again. Lesson #2 What you see isn't always what you get.

Clothes for Baby

 In sewing news, I picked up a couple of patterns for cheap and am going to give them a try.  There are a ton of cute, free tutorials online but I'm lazy to tape together the parts off my printer.  My baby grand girl is now 9 months old (gasp) and growing bigger every day.  Starting with an easy summer outfit seemed smart and who can resist ruffled bloomers?!


  1. Hi Karen, Thanks again for the no reply blogger info. I checked my profile preferences, but I'm still not sure if that fixed the problem?! Cute pinafore pattern. My G-daughter is 6 months ths week! I saved lots of patterns from when my kids were little maybe we can share patterns? cheers, CW

  2. Yay for learning! :) I learned so much in that blog hop last year!

  3. Oh no! I think I've been replying to no-reply too! Thanks for that tip.


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