Friday, January 30, 2015

Countdown to QuiltCon

QuiltConButtonSwap -one of two designs
I've been in a sewing and blogging drought all year - I know it's only January but it feels like a big deal.  QuiltCon is on the horizon and to be honest, instead of being excited I was stressing out.  All my big plans to make travel handmade and arrange meet ups have not materialized.  I haven't even printed my class supply list or thought about what to pack!

Yesterday I fine tuned my Super Volunteer hours, chatted with my sis about hanging out there and ordered some buttons/moo mini cards and the tide shifted - things are looking up.  

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Now I need to clear off the 4,000 photos from my phone so I can make space to download the app and really get in the loop!  If you'll be there PLEASE track me down!  I'm the worst with name/faces/places - but it turns out I'll have lots of free time and would love to chat, go to a lecture together or grab a coffee.

Tiny Bit of Sewing

Needle-turn appliqué  (mine is on the bottom)
A few weekends ago I took a really inspiring class from Tonye Belinda Phillips  and enjoyed the trunk show lecture that she gave the next night at our local guild.  Attending Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show has been on my bucket list and I hope to make it someday.  Her book recently re-released in paperback.  I like my friend Lori's block better (upper right) than mine but think they look awesome together!

QDAD (Quilt Design A Day)

QDAD 01.29.2015
One thing that I am thrilled about is getting to meet some of my fellow QDADers in person at QuiltCon.  Although there's been a major dry spell in actual quilting, I've kept up with my virtual creations pretty well.  This one was inspired by Rossie's quilt Emily's Nonsense  and my exploration of this block from a quilt my sister has that I took a photo of last Spring.

Antique Block
I'm also taking a workshop with Rossie and get to go all fan-girl - yeah!  BTW: If you recognize the block design would you let me know the name?

It's great to sneak in a second post for 2015 - Thanks for stopping by!  Karen


  1. Just fyi, I did nothing to get ready for QC till last night too - ordering cards and arranging for my airport shuttle. At least we'll know each other when we see each other! I love meeting folks but am kinda shy about it too tho.
    I've really been impressed with your QDAD. I joined but haven't gotten any further. Hope that can change one of these days...

  2. It is dawning on me that QuiltCon is only a few days away... Gulp! I hope to get to say hi to you in person.

  3. I'm just as guilty as you for not having anything ready for Quilt Con....but I'm sure it will all work out. I would love to grab a coffee with you. I'm not overly booked and look forward to meeting fellow bloggers.

  4. Can you pass along the excitement for QuiltCon because I'm still in the overwhelmed/not ready category. :D

  5. Yes I'm lagging behind also! I do have my cards and ordered buttons. No gifts made as yet...
    No fabric organized for Weeks Ringle's class...soon I'm sure! Look forward to seeing you in Austin. I have lots of free time also.

  6. Yay! I'm excited to see everyone posting during QuiltCon, and I am looking forward to being able to attend so I hope that I can. :)


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