Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tilt Shift - Challenge Reveal Tonight

Tilt Shift Top Done

Finished Top 27"x27"
When we drew our slips of papers for our Logo color challenge and I read the modern concept "high contrast and graphic areas of solid color",  I knew exactly where to go.  QDAD.  I'll admit that the color Cerise is pretty much my go to palette so it wasn't much of a challenge to work with.

(Full disclosure:  I originally drew "Improv" and my SIL got this one which made her scratch her head - so I swapped with her - which was totally allowed).

I chose the design above and recolored it to meet the guild criteria.  Here are a few earlier designs with similar cropping and positioning concept.    Neither of these have the actual tips cut off though.  Sewing a complete block and then chopping it up sounds like a perfect plan.

Having an idea in the back of my mind is great, but having an actual resource to reference is even better.  Explore and Ditch.  Explore and Make.  Explore and Alter.  Explore and Mock Up!  

Streamline Strips
I brought the project along on a four day retreat.  On the morning of the final day I busted it out and fortunately when I forgot to add seam allowance to my sketch dimensions- right after saying I'd remember to - there were highly qualified quilty-math friends in the room to save me.   

Color Choices
Lots of rulers were involved.  For the setting I did it the hard way instead of the math way - which for me is the easier or at least more enjoyable way!
Critical Crop
Basically,  once I got the square constructed I just added chunks of gray to all the edges and built it out then trimmed it down.  For the actual Critical Crop angle, I sat my phone with the target image on it on the table next to me until it looked right.

My Helper
I'm not one with nimble fingers or an obsession for perfection, so those narrow bits and partial seams got as good as they get.   Makes me really appreciate the #minimini posts I've been seeing on IG. 

Partial Seam

TIP:  Mock Up

So here's something that many people already do - and I'm writing about it mostly to remind myself to do it more often.  MOCK UP.  yup.  If you are visual learner and creator it's a great way to have a virtual reference as a jumping off point.  This doesn't mean you have to actually make your project to match.  There is no obligation - the freedom to deviate is there.
Explored and Ditched
Working out ideas on paper - or computer - is really a wonderful option.  Somethings need to settle in and sort themselves out before taking a rotary to fabric IMO and using a MockUp can serve that purpose.

Sample Fabric photo mock up
I will also use the PhotoGrid app on my phone to see what repeated alterations would look like by duplicating a picture of a sketch or actual block like I've done here.  In the end I thought it was overworked and too complex but may incorporate the idea in other future project.

Taking part in Tips and Tutorials linky party with Stephanie over at Late Night Quilter
and WIP Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced  - now how to quilt it! 


  1. Wow, what a process! Thanks for sharing that - I love the finished block!

  2. I'm with you all the way on working something out by actually making it - it just makes so much more sense to me than the abstract concept of numbers! This is a fantastic block and the colours are just perfect, congratulations Karen!

  3. I love the finished top, and the colors! Gorgeous!

  4. Hey, I love your end result! So pretty and interesting. Loved seeing your process - it's soooo nice to be able to figure it as you go. I hate have to go the pure math route when I'm too short on fabric to do it the hands-on way.

  5. This is really cool, Karen. It's just SO striking!

  6. I love this block, Debbie! Your color choices are just perfect. And I'm intrigued by this challenge? Swap? Whatever it's called, that your MQG chapter did. I'd love to know a few more specifics. We need to do more of this in our chapter, so we can engage those who haven't been working on modern.


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