Friday, June 24, 2016

Directions - BeeSewcial May

Directions Blocks for May

Blocks in the wild photo shoot was a must for both of them together.  I brought them to my SIL's garden - a perfect spot that I'm sure to use again.  The theme for BeeSewcial May was Directions and we were to "Channel our inner urban planner" this month.   I took the project with me on a retreat and thought I'd have to pause until I returned home for more background variety but thanks to the kindness of others I got to finish. 

construction zone

On her test block M-R said " It takes a bee to build a city. Like most cities, some neighbourhoods are grids, others partial grids and still others are all curves or some combination of all three. Different areas of a city are planned over time by different people, but they still work together. Applies well to a bee quilt, no? " You can read all about it on her blog post titled Let's Get Planning HERE - I especially loved that she included arial views flying over California. 

block one held by the Retreat Frog 

The town could be real or fictitious so I picked Capitola, California with a very loose interpretation  For my roads I chose Begonia colors to honor our annual festival and to depict the hill heading from well known Gayle's Bakery leading down to the village, a route I take on my way home from work to peak at the ocean.  

For block two, I kept with a sentimental approach in choosing what part of town to sew up.  Isn't the triangle shape on the map awesome?! 

Map Inspiration Source

I chose my childhood stomping ground which happily double dips because it's also where my local Modern Quilt Guild chapter holds their monthly guild meetings - shout out to the fabulous❤️Hart's Fabric

Focal Triangle

Roadwork Complete.  The residential streets around neighborhood have fond memories of riding my bike around during the summertime with my BFF who lived on one of them.  

finished block 12.5"x15.5"

Blue-Green Ocean colors because if you keep driving it'll take you straight to the beach. Hope it'll mix nicely with the blocks from mates for M-R to build her town quilt. 

put a bird on it - or - it on a bird!


  1. I have been fascinated as I watch these and similar style blocks popping up here and there. They are pretty far from my usual orderly self, but I just can't get enough of them. I can't wait to see these all come together in a piece. Meanwhile, I'll be over here convincing myself not to start a new project.

  2. The triangle is perfect. This is one quilt I'm really anxious to see come together!


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