Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Makin' Bacon (blocks) - BeeSewcial July

Two slabs of bacon
For the month of July, it was Debbie's turn and she chose The Bacon Consideration.  You can read all about it on her blog with the link.   A food theme seems SO obvious for A Quilter's Table!
Fabric Pull
Well it's not pulled pork but rather my fabric pull, tee hee.  The upper left photo is the one that was shared with our outline as suggested colors.  The lower left is my first "off the shelf" grab of things that seemed in line along with a bit of humorous novelty fabric from my stash because, really - I had bacon fabric and not everyone can say that. Upper right is my scrap additions and the last picture includes my expanded inclusion of other-than-quilt-cotton.
In progress
The excuse to use a bit corduroy that I've collected to make an all corduroy quilt was great and I was even per-SUEDED to use leather.

As with most of the improv pieces that I sew, there was a general concept that I wanted to capture but I let the evolution lead to wherever the block wanted to go.  Thank goodness for loose size restraints.

The under belly
The mix of these with essex linen,  textured solid, hand-dye and at least three brands of solid cotton a nice challenge in itself.  I wanted one very lean, the other a bit fatty and as you might expect had the urge to EAT bacon for weeks.
14"x19.5" Block One
9"x11" Block Two
With Debbie's skill for fun photo shoots I knew she would appreciate a clever setting.  I really wanted to hang these from the chicken coop at my son's house but didn't make it happen before mailing them off.  

If you aren't already following the challenges or sewing along for yourself, please do.   August is our month off and September will be here before I know it.  The Instagram hashtag is #beesewcial and #inspiredbybeesewcial.  


  1. I was really taken by the idea of bacon as inspiration when I first saw it. Love what you did with it and that you allowed your bacon blocks to be a bit 'free range'. Great job.

  2. oh yeah. These are awesome blocks, Karen - thank you! Love all the different 'ingredients' you used!

  3. Your blocks how you have used other types of fabric.

  4. These look so fantastic, Karen!!!!

  5. I love the vertical lines that carry your eye through, but that there are horizontal seams that give it interesting places to wander and examine on the way through. SO good. This is definitely my favorite of the improv work you've done so far and you have some gorgeous stuff!


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