Saturday, April 1, 2017

FAL Q1 Last Call and Tutorial Round Up

Status of my 2017 FAL Q1 Goals
For me, two done and progress on another ain't so bad.   Cheering one another on and seeing what participants make is a lot of fun.  Thank you to everyone for taking the time to leave comments, they mean a lot.

It's great to see so many finishes linking up.  The time has come and the clock is ticking away - linky party closes soon so check out the last post and add yours NOW!  Scroll to the bottom and if it says "collection closes in _ minutes" with a blue ADD YOUR LINK button that means you're not too late.

At this rate I'll be there will be 500+ completed goals, what do you think?

No pressure if you didn't make your all (or any) of your goals because the linky party for setting new ones Q2 starts tomorrow.

Tutorials - Helpful Techniques and Cuteness too

Here's a quick recap of the helpful and sometimes super adorable (Jude's bunny bag!!) tutorials courtesy of several fellow hosts.  Fortunately they are not a limited time offer so be sure to visit them at your leisure.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Thanks for the links to the tutorials! Oh those bunny ears!!

  2. Thanks for coming to visit my blog and to check out my finish. The pin tucks weren't so difficult. . .the foot made the process easy. So if you are going to make pin tucks, check out a pin tuck foot. It is worth the effort. Now, I'm behind on the tutorials so I must go visit all of them. Better late than never! Thanks for being part of FAL--I so appreciate the inspiration and the support!


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