Friday, November 10, 2017

BeeSewcial Bite Size Swap - a Q4 FAL finish

Remember the side swap of bite size blocks that I made and blogged about in June 2016 HERE?  

my BeewSewcial Swap quilt
Grape popsicles were the source of color inspiration for the ones I sent.  Using a technique of sewing a top together and then cutting it into a dozen "bites" was pretty fun.

The Bites that I sent off

Since so much time had passed by from receiving the blocks from my mates, I created a mosaic from their posts on IG to refresh my memory on who had made what and included it when I shared my finished quilt.

This summer I finally got around to putting together the blocks.  I wanted to preserve the integrity of the eleven individual blocks so I used low volume for the background and only introduced select parts necessary to finish the vision.

The idea for the quilt came about when I thought about what BeewSewcial has meant to me and the words "growth" and "blossom" popped into my mind.  

This is my third year with the bee so I pieced in three large flower pedals and three small leaves using free-hand curves. 

The "X and O" from Hillary made for a perfect center.   Although we were all working independently the remaining blocks were easily grouped to form the thorns, stem, roots and bulb of the flower with blades of grass on each side.


I was surprised at how often the alignment of one block naturally fit to join another like Marci and Leanne's portion of the stem.

My granddaughter asked me why they were not connected.   I told her that when creating  things don't have to be "correct" to be OK.  As long as you like the way it looks that's what matters. 

It was a hot day in July when I finished the top during a girls getaway weekend mini-retreat.  Even in the shade, the harsh sun was casting an emphasis on the white in the background that is less obvious in real life.

I borrowed everyones rulers and took advantage of the large table to square it up.   This October I finally got around to quilting it.

My stash for the binding did not disappoint and I found Art Gallery Fillagree with not only a similar palette but motif.   I used a single fold binding even though it's more of a wall hanging than mini.

Wonder clips are wonderful for little four year old hands.  She has alway been such a helper.  

Look how times have changed since learning her colors back in the scrap sorting days .

We are about half way through  2017 Q4 FAL and I'm happy to have this goal checked off my list (blogged here).   You can see what my mates have made with the blocks they received - all so different from mine and equally great  #beesewcialswap.

I'm hopeful to also tackle the Michael Miller QuiltCon Fabric Challenge but I've hit a design stumbling block and the deadline to enter is rapidly approaching.

Here's the sneak:

Better get back at it!

Be sure to stop by next Wednesday for the next installment of Meet the Host - it's MY turn to be featured and I have written a long in-depth post about yours truly that you won't want to miss. (blush)

Happy Stitching, Karen 


  1. So good to see this finish! You were so creative, creating the blooms and all - very nice!

  2. I didn't see this quilt before so I am so glad to see it on the FAL link up. IT's great to read how it came about and I totally agree with your answer to your granddaughter! Thanks for taking part in the FAL - from the FAL hosts!


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