Thursday, June 7, 2018

Quilty catch up and more

I can't remember the last time in recent years - if ever - that I've gone without sewing for more than a months stretch.  April to June is too big of a gap.  

The procedure for shoulder surgery went perfectly fine but the recovery has been a pretty bumpy road.  When friends ask how I'm doing I usually reply, "I've been better, I've been worse" because honestly there is so much to be thankful for and this kind of stuff is just life being life. 

Fortunately, as of last weekend, sewing and equally important my sewing mojo has returned with the completion of the tardy April #beesewcial "Rooted" bee blocks that I'll share separately because this post is about a few big deals that came and went without acknowledgment and I wanna fix that.

First up - my quilt Bend, Don't Break was featured in the Gallery of Curated Quilts minimalistic issue.  Such an honor to share the pages with so many talented makers that I admire greatly.

While in Pasadena at QuiltCon Isabelle and I stopped by their booth to see her mini on display.   I really like this picture we took with Christine Ricks and not just because I'm wearing my handmade top.  My guild mates are probably getting tired of how much I go on about the publication but I'm so excited to see the community response to call outs.  Encouraging makers to explore and challenge themselves with each new theme - trying new things and redefining what you do resonates with me.
Isabelle, Christine and I 
You may recall from this post how excited I was to have my mini included in the Log Cabin issue so you can just imagine how thrilled and honored having a full page to myself.

Another big deal for me was to teach a Improv Abstraction workshop again.   I had the BEST time and the student work coming out of the class is fantastic.  Here's a mosaic I shared on Instagram of the group shot and my samples on display.  Everyone was supportive and enthusiastic.

Take a look at some of their makes - shared with permission : 
Lori's Show and Tell

Rochelle and sister Rhonda's collaboration

Liz's fantastic top

Lisbeth - so great
In August I'm scheduled teach again but this time for my own local chapter.  It'll be similar to Improv Abstraction but based on the Log Cabin mini. 

Anniversary and Graduation

It's a sad sign of the times when I don't even know if a mention of my Blog Anniversary made it here.      For the record, it was 6 years on March 16th. 

Quilty news aside, we celebrated our son's graduation from Fire Academy. So proud.  My mom and in-laws were able to attend.  

Hope all is well with you.  Happy Stitching.

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