Tuesday, October 16, 2018

My Top Ten Goals for 2018 FAL Q4

So many tops and nearly tops this quarter which is unusual for me.  My Top Ten:

1. Eyes:  These gorgeous BeeSewcial 2017 blocks have been staring at me begging to become the quilt they are meant to be.  The layout is set with a few adjustments and bridging needed. I really do love, love, love them.

2. LoneStar:  Hey,it's not a rollover!  Took a class at BackPorch and immediately continued on the minute that I got home (a good sign of a workshop) It is a top with plans for gifting.

3. Nosey Kitten from Jen Carlton Bailey's workshop: another roll over but there was progress from the parts and now they are a top.

4. BOM mashup:  Our guild chose the Echo block that I designed for MQG and I had to make some samples for show and tell.  Mixing them with left over quarter circles and setting on point with a tricky directional background seemed like a good idea at the time.  It's a top. 

5 & 6.  These are two secret sewing projects that will be revealed before Q4 ends so I'll update the description then.  It is Improv Abstraction based and in odd lovely fall colors. 

7.  BOM win.  It's been a top and needs quilted.  These are the blocks that I won in our lotto. 

8. Bits Play from Maria Shells workshop: another roll over with the status unchanged including the fact that I'm absolutely in love with it so far.  It doesn't happen often but I'm kind of intimidated by the next phase because I've become attached to it at this stage.  If the narrow dimension wasn't so awkward I'd be be tempted to call the layout done.

9. Stretch: Many of these BeeSewcial 2016 blocks were hand delivered to me in Pasadena at QuiltCon which clearly marks the passage of time.  With a cohesive limited palette I thought the prompt would be easier to compose into a quilt but have been quite puzzled by the puzzling when attempted many times so far. I'm really close and my sister has offered to do the quilting so there is hope for a finish.

10. Improv Abstraction Log Cabin. Currently at the Block stage.

Well there you have it, my top ten.  Here's wishing you luck with your goals.  Be sure to link up before the party ends HERE and give a cheer to all the participants!

Happy Stitching, Karen 


  1. Good luck! Nice your sis can quilt one for you!

  2. That looks like a great list! Good luck! Have you seen the call for entries for eyes? http://sacredthreadsquilts.com/html/callForEntries.html

    Your quilt wouldn't qualify, but in case you have extra blocks ...

  3. Your lists always make me all swoony.

  4. Good luck with your quilt finishes. That is an impressive list. I'm making one similar to your #6 and I hoped you would say you were going to work on it first, but I'm guessing that is going to be revealed after Christmas. Looking forward to it.


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