Saturday, November 27, 2021

Virtual and missed Shows

QuiltCon Together 

My calendar revolves around QuiltCon, looking forward every February to taking a couple weeks off work to travel, spend time with my sister and visit quilty friends.  Although the MQG and crew did a great job with the virtual show and I did attend a couple viewing parties via zoom, I missed the usual stuff so much.

Abstract Whimsy 

Having two quilts juried in was wonderful especially because they represent very different styles, improv and modern traditional and yet they are very "me". 

Fabric Challenge

Looking forward to walking the hall in Phoenix AZ 2022 . Hope to see you there.

2020 AQS and 2020 QuiltCon

"Reflections" almost made it to Paducah.  For the first time ever - I entered a quilt into the AQS show and my BeeSewcial quilt was accepted!  The show did not take place and it was mailed back to me.  It has now “aged out”. I am thankful to have a catalogue to document what almost happened.  

The QuiltCon 2020 publication is also a bitter sweet and a bit strange thumbing through remembering the carefree hugs and unmasked crowds during the last in-person event pre-pandemic.  


  1. What a bummer about Paducah. I actually had a quilt that was supposed to show there several years ago. It was in a collection of quilts that was traveling to several shows. But when it got to Paducah, there wasn't room for the whole collection so mine was excluded. Paducah woes... Glad you get to go to QC 2022 though!!

  2. Oh how I love these two quilts, especially "Abstract Whimsy." It's great that these were juried into QuiltCon Together. I didn't attend, knowing it wouldn't be the same as the in-person version. I'm glad you'll be taking off work and traveling to Phoenix. That will be nice, especially with a like-minded sister. I can't imagine having a sister like that! Mine doesn't even like my quilts (refuses any offer of one) so the two of you have a unique relationship. I'm so sorry your quilt didn't get to be shown in Paducah! Honestly, I can't believe the rules haven't been changed to allow quilts that have previously been aged-out. COVID-19 sure did a number on all of us, didn't it? And I remember when Debbie's quilt wasn't hung in Paducah! I was there, and specifically asked to see Debbie's quilt! That's when I learned (and was able to tell her) that they ran out of space for hanging it. So unfair.


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