Tuesday, March 19, 2024

A Graphic Finish

Introducing my first quilt finish for 2024 and it is yet to be named.  Any suggestions? It's graphic, made with solids, linear, color blocked - reminds me a bit of an arial view of a quilt show floor.  

I used 7 threads, 6 different colors in 4 weights for my March Aurifil Artisan challenge to create with at least three colors. 

Above are the four that I pulled initially auditioning on my sandwiched flimsy.  I decided to add another similar yellow to use for dense machine stitched lines.

 I like the contrast of texture the 12 wt gives especially with the freeform multi-directional stitch. I was surprised to find that the fully random placement actually took more concentration than the 3-seed I've done before.  With such a narrow strip of fabric it could have also been the simple fact that there aren't a lot of places to go! 

For the binding thread, I used the same color Dark Carmine Red in a 50 wt that I had used for the 28 wt quilting even though the fabric was slightly different.  Brown was the most understated color so I couldn't resist adding a dab to the binding. 

Matching the thread to the fabric and combining a varied density within the quilting resulted in the visual texture that I was hoping to achieve. 

Aurifil Threads: 

50 wt 
2115 - Lemon
1285 - Medium Bark
2460 - Dark Carmine Red 
2312 - Ermine (not shown) for piecing 

40 wt
2450 - Rose

28 wt
2460 - Dark Carmine Red

12 wt
2120 - Canary

As always, be sure to check out the other Aurifil Artisans to see what they've made.  


  1. I love this little piece, Karen - the inclusion of the brown (even in the binding!) and the mix of machine- and hand-stitching are a couple of details that drew me in. Nicely done with the big of thread weights and colors. Your quilt reminds me of a pergola, so that's what I would probably name it. ;-)

  2. Somehow this makes me think of the front of an elaborate marching band uniform jacket.

  3. Wow! That quilt makes a very bold statement! I love it! I like Debbie's suggestion to call it "Pergola"

  4. This sure is a cool design! I can't believe I like it so much because it includes brown! Ha, ha - my least favorite color. But to your credit, you made it work. Well done! And it's your first 2024 finish? That's surprising after making 82 (or was it 87?) quilts last year. :-) I agree that this could easily be a perspective from a quilt show, so perhaps you've already found the name "Quilt Show."


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