Sunday, September 30, 2012

FAL Q3 = 22%

I was so optimistic in July about the 3rd Quarter of Finish A Long at Quilter in the Gap when I created a list and bumped the goal to 9 items. Original post here.
Now it is linky time and I've got two finished and seven untouched to show for it - a whopping 22%.
FAL Q3 Goals
At least the ones that got done were quilts that I'm happy with:
Starred Swoon
Old Italian Block a wedding gift and Starred Swoon for my niece's 21st birthday.  I guess I do better with things for other people!
Old Italian Block
Congrats to those who scored a higher % than I did - I know it's not a contest but participating does push me to be accountable. Rhonda, our wonderful hostess didn't finish a single on her list so I guess I'm in good company with biting off more than I could chew!

She will also be starting a Guest Posters and their tutorials tomorrow on her blog - I've started pinning Tutorials so I'll be sure to check it out.

Join in the link up for FAL Q4 on Oct 8th. My choices just might get downscaled to a realistic number :)

August it was Swoon and for September OIB is my link up at Katie From the Blue Chair's End of my Hallway link. Thank goodness for these bloggers who keep me on my toes!

Happy Quilting, Karen


  1. oh dear - 9 IS a pretty big number when it comes to wips! Lovely finishes though - they are both really nice! (I agree, people deadlines DO help!)

  2. You're still making progress, right? Those are both beautiful quilts. I especially like the starred swoon - a nice variation on the original pattern.

  3. I agree! The starred Swoon is so nice! I think you were too tough on yourself...posting the percentage I mean! Anyway, you made progress, you will make more progress and it is supposed to be fun! Not just a number. I too failed to meet my goal of four. I finished three (and a third!) and, just like you, two of those were for other people. See we take care of the ones we love! Quilt on! Toni

  4. Love the swoon quilt - two finishes is good. One more than me!!


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