Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP - New Projects tip the tally scale

OK, so last week I was patting myself on the back for not having a single item in the NEW Projects category of my WIP tally - this week it's got the largest number!

Lee at Freshly Pieced is back -yeah- and has set up an amazing schedule of WIP  Guest Bloggers for the linky starting October with my friend Debbie at A Quilters Table.  I'm thrilled at the prospect of meeting them both in person at Sewing Summit very soon.


Move aside old projects, a new one's caught my eye. Don't you love it when a quilt takes on a life of it's own?  The morphing or unforeseen spin offs that occurs for me during the creative process is one of the my favorite elements of quilting.

Luminaria 48x60 center
Last post I showed you some prep and progress pictures from the workshop with Christine Barnes. This one I will call mid-way because the variation of a border that I'm tossing around to give it my own take is going to take about as much time as the center has.
close up - a very scrappy Batik collection
Who knows, I may just audition one fabric to go around it like the pattern and call it a day. But, for now I'm so inspired and want to run with the idea that's lurking - despite the other projects that I should be working on instead.

Sewing Summit

clutch for sewing tools
As I envision packing for Sewing Summit, I realize I really want to whip up a few more items for putting my stuff in.  This little clutch I made with a friend during a sew day and I had thought it would be a stash gift - well, I'm gifting it to myself to put my sewing tools in!  Now I need a needle book and maybe a larger project bag to go along.  In a just a month I'll be in SLC - So Excited!
F+F=MSB First Herringbone

WIP Weekly Status Update:

Finished = 3
Modern Scrappy Bits swap (partner got it and loved it)
Not your Granny's Bee (mailed and safety delivered)
Sewing Summit Schedule completed (It's going to be awesome)

Progress = 2
Secret Partner MQG pillow swap (working on-I promise)
Sewing Summit Black/White swap (fabric purchased, pics posted)

New Projects =7
F+F=AMSB 2 Herringbone (one finished)
Luminaria (center complete)
Project Bag or Needle book for ME @ Sewing Summit
ModPop QAL
Super Secret Square
Quilt Retreat Goodies and Bags
Help a friend make Coffee Cozies

No Progress = 5+
HTABQ's Japanese Charm Swap (fabric purchased, pic posted)
Sewing Summit zipper pouch swap
Make a "They Eloped" Quilt
Make A Baby Boy Quilt
Alpaca Pillow 
...and endless others....


  1. Feeling the love for Luminaria!! Wonderful tool clutch for Sewing Summit as well!

  2. That looks like a batik quilt--so glad to see that (and forgive me if I'm wrong). I love it, not only because of the batiky thing, but also because of the play of the clear brights against the darker colors. Really a stand-out quilt.

    Hope you have fun in SLC. Whenever I head there (family lives there) I like to eat at Tony Caputo's deli in downtown SLC. Great sandwiches and tons of chocolate bars to choose from.

    Elizabeth E.

    1. Thanks for the lunch tip for SLC - chocolate bars yum! And yes, Luminaria is batik, I'm a fan.

  3. Beautiful quilt-I love the colors!

  4. Your luminaria is gorgeous. Great use of color and values. I enjoyed reading Christine's color book.

  5. I love the luminaria. I also love that your list is longer than mine! Though, mine is actually rather short for now (for me anyway). But I'm pretending that many UFOs just don't exist (ha!) so they aren't actually on The List.

  6. Where did you take her workshop? I was going to attend her workshop at SCVQA, but had to back out because of work. :-( You did a wonderful job, it's beautiful!

    Also, what is that clutch pattern? It is so CUTE! I would love to try making one, gifting to myself too!

    1. The workshop was in Santa Cruz put on by Pajaro Valley Quilt PVQA. The clutch is from the book called Bags: The Modern Classics by Sue Kim

  7. oh wow you DO have a list! Glad you are doing mod pop too! and of course looking forward to meeting you at ss too!!


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