Monday, October 8, 2012

Tick Tick - Time to Pack and FAL Link Up

and yet so much to do - it's crazy.  The daily posts from sponsors of Sewing Summit have my head in a spin- like today's Opening Mixer with Craftsy (newly discovered by me and totally hooked) and other all time favs like Art Gallery, Olfa (despite my recent boo boo) and Pellon - which I've used more of lately with bag making... just to name a few.

All this time to prep and I just now added my flickr/blog name to a name tag - it's not even new - I'm using the one I made at one of our first MQG meeting. My pre-cutting homework isn't done and I haven't even chosen fabric for my serger class. I want to pack my entire collection of buckets.

clothes shopping haul
I spent the last couple of days clothes shopping after a momentary freakout about what to where.  Two new pair of shoes last night - out of control I tell you!

Before I forget - I'm linking up to Q4 of FAL at Quilter in The Gap because despite the frenzy I know I really want to be part of that fun and finish.
 Keeping it real with four - upping my odds I figure.

Tonight is my Quilt Guild meeting and tomorrow I get to sew with friends again making Swag Bags for our MQG Retreat. Fun Stuff.

Yikes - excited but out of control - Karen

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