Monday, October 22, 2012

Sewing Summit Recap - the Pictorial Novel

Trying to capture my experience at Sewing Summit and express it all in a recap post for the link up is a daunting task.  How do I do it justice without writing a novel? - I've been home an entire week!
Exchanging cards was so much fun - keep in touch!
17th Floor to the Lobby and back
Ridiculously enormous room...
...with a view
Fortunately, there are advantages to my procrastination - so much has already been said so nicely with pictures way better than mine and that allows me to link you to some post-SS-posts in addition to what I have to share and my previous posts here and here.
Hey Look, That's My Supernova Bag! and Deb next to it :)
Being mentioned and pictured on SS'12 Recap posts like Babylock's totally stitchin'  and at my friends Debbie @ A Quilters Table and Ella @ Throw a Wrench in the Works Tracey Swell Sewing makes me smile- thanks guys!

Friends and Food - here are some mealtime photo ops:

I rarely travel. I almost never travel alone. Despite that, I was surprisingly calm at the prospect of knowing no one thanks to the supportive accepting nature of the blogging/sewing online community I've grown a bit addicted to.

Right from the airport sighting of handmade bags and a shared ride to Little America on Wednesday, I felt at home with these wonderful bunch of strangers.  Jessie Tiny House, Tracey Swell Sewing, Tsoniki Me Being Crafty and my roomy Kristen strolled around after lunch and found the uber cool Decades Vintage Clothing along with the very random "cupcake shakes" at the mustached Sammy's Cafe.
Fi, Me

A big group joined us and walked to The Tin Angel I'm so bad with names I can't list them all even with the round of introductions but trust me, they were all terrific including Leigh from London, Janice, Texas Fi and Elena Hot Pink Stitches. We talked about everything and I mean everything!

The official Shop Hop bus was full but I was lucky enough to snag an invitation to tag along with the gals from HMGQ: Gabriela Lilac and Rose, Tammy KARAMAT, Amy House of Bad Cats, Liz  Fat Chick quilts, Fi  and her mom Paula. All SO sweet
at Material Girl with Liz and lots of ladies
Lunch at Cafe Rio hit the spot and crossing the street with an arm full of bolts at Quilts Etc. just cracks me up.  SS'12 has inspired me to branch out from quilting and tackle garments and bags - dare I include a weekender?

 AMH dress & Weekender in laminate
Drive by sight seeing

Major Retail Therapy
Speaking of fabric... I seriously want the entire collection! 

Joel Dewberry :)
I can't say I'm hurting for fabric thanks to Lindsay at Craft Buds and this amazing FQ bundle of V&Co Simply Color. The airlines lost then found her luggage with my precious cargo :)

Lindsay, Me

Be sure to check out the bunting in the bar from the mixer - how did I not capture that? Good thing Liz did. Hysterical.
Dinner at Red Rock Brewery.  I brought home a t-shirt for hubby. There's a picture of my table with Deb, Whitney and Erin posted by Lisa here.  

There was a lot of informal chatting in the lobby (my favorite part really) Who needs a hair dryer when you've got a roaring fire?  Meeting friends I had swapped with and blogs I follow was so fabulous. Wish I had a picture with Julie and Cori and so many more...
Me, Ella, Nydia
Eugenia, Leigh, Shawn
Amy, Tammy, Rachel, Debbie
Opening Night Mixer sponsored by Craftsy included a free class.
At Closing Dinner I sat between two mother daughter duos Debbie and Rachel to my left and Jennifer and her mom to my right.  Wouldn't trade my boys for anything but neither is likely to attend with me any time soon. Maybe I could borrow one of my amazing nieces ...
Eats always came with treats
I participated in the Black &White layer cake swap and the zipper purse swap. Both were great - I made #34 and won Elenas:
The zipper pouch I made
Whitney, Janet
The teachers and organizers were amazingly generous and approachable.
Elizabeth, Sukie, Lee
Katie, Me, Diane
Never Give Up - So Encouraging!
Amanda, Me
 Here was my weekend line up:
Creative Journey with Amber Carrillo from One Shabby Chick
Foundation Paper Piecing with Elizabeth Dackson from Don’t Call Me Betsy and Lee Heinrich from Freshly Pieced
Precision Piecing with Amy Ellis from Amy’s Creative Side
Geared For Guys with Emily Herrick from Crazy Old Lady Quilts
Creative Journey with Amanda Herring from The Quilted Fish
Finishing Details with Anna Graham from Noodlehead
Metal Frame Pouch with  Kelly Bowser from KelbySews
An ‘e’ or ‘i’ Case  with Heather Scrimsher from Fiberosity
Auction Items - such talent

A huge Thank you to all the sponsors and organizers, especially Erin Two More Seconds, Megan  Canoe Ridge Creations Ali  aSquaredW Katie  Swim Bike Quilt Erika Pink Suede Shoe Amy/ Sukie and the SLMQG
Packed for the flight home. I could barely zip my suitcase. 
 I had to shuffle stuff around and weighed in at 45lbs for the check on - 5 lbs to spare.

Well, I wrote a novel after all and realize I didn't even get a proper picture of the goodies in my Mood Swag Bag.  Hopefully someday soon I'll be posting finished project made from all the loot.
Until next time - "Auf Wiedersehen" kiss, kiss - Karen


  1. Awesome novel! ;-) What a great telling of all the fun we all had! SOOO glad we got to meet up!

  2. It looks like you had so much fun! I am thinking about making a weekender bag too, let me know if you decide to do it, we can consult...

  3. Great recap!!! So nice to see you there, wish we could have spent more time together, such a whirlwind!

  4. Great recap! It was great to meet you!


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