Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day - Packing Again

My sense of time is about as keen as my sense of directions. That's one of the things I love best about Fresh Sewing Day, it helps me remember if it's been two weeks or two months since I made something.
Looking back at last month with one foot out the door to Sewing Summit it's a little funny that the month I find myself all packed up again headed for our MQG Fall Quilt Retreat.
Fresh New Sewing Day November
My projects: embroidery, metal frame purse, 'e' or 'i' case, precision piecing blocks, secret swap pillow, Double Bar Supernova Bag, paper piecing, SS zipper pouch swap and x+ blocks for F+F=AMSB.
SBAMQG Fall Retreat - Fireside Hall
Who knows what I'll be showing next month after the whirlwind of these two events have come to a halt.  Maybe some holiday gifts...

Link up at Lily's Quilts and check out the major creations going on out there.  Be sure to explore the virtual Quilt Show at Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival and nominate your favorites.  There is also a huge selection of impressively-intimidating-inspiring quilts showcased at Market Festival - with a wonderful showing from Bay Area and East Bay Area MQGs, congrats.

Happy Quilting, Karen


  1. I cannot get over how amazing the x+ blocks are. They lend themselves to the scrappy, and they almost always seem to come out looking posh and awesome. I love yours!

  2. Yes, your x+ blocks are fabulous. Congrats on all you have done last month.

  3. You've been busy - loving the x blocks!

  4. Fun events for you!! And I love your x and + blocks too!!

  5. GREAT x+y blocks and have fun at your retreat! I've got one coming up this weekend. Six sleeps and I am totally excited!


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