Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ruby Star Wrapping

I just love how the connection to Sewing Summit keeps going and going....As part of the Wrap-Along (WAL) put together by Sukie,  Anna of Noodlehead shared her version of Ruby Star’s Chinese Takeout Box and here's mine.  I used some bright, fun Crafty Chloe fabric by Heather Ross and tied it with a strip of fabric.
table goodies - my Ruby Star Wrapping
The pattern printout on card stock from the website provided in the book was a life saver and taped together easily. The only thing I did different was use fabric glue instead of a hot glue gun.  I know I own one - somewhere - but the thought of actually locating it had no appeal.

Update:  I'm linking up to Sew Mama Sew's Ruby Star Wrapping contest - fingers crossed!

I'm finishing up my Secret Partner swap for The Post-Sewing Summit swap made with EPP hexis sewn in the waiting room at the dealership while my car got an oil change on Friday.

Last night I finished up my bee blocks for 4x5 Hive #7.  The Curve It Up churndash was modified to 12 1/2"  I'm trying to make as many as I can of the QCR QAL and really wanting to make an entire quilt in a similar pattern and love the secondary four patch and circular wedding ring-ish look you get when they are together. Congratulations to Jenny for winning - very deservingly so - the professional quilted category in Amy's Bloggers Quilt Festival.
Katie from the blue chair won with her Broken Diamonds quilt also.

I still need to write a Retreat Recap post and promise to. In the meantime, I hope you had a chance to browse the flickr pictures.

Happy Quilting, Karen


  1. I like the idea of the fabric glue vs. the hot glue gun on the takeout box - good suggestion!

  2. Oh, yes! You must make a quilt with the Curve it Up churndash; the interlocking circles are fantastically modern and fun!

  3. What a cool block - great colors too!

    You've been tagged! Join the blogging fun!

    Your newest follower - Pam


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