Monday, December 10, 2012

Ruby Star Wrapping

Ruby Star Wrap Along - Pretty on All Sides

Plucky Pantry Box (the round variation)
I work in fabric and thread, not paper and glue.
A mosaic photo of fabric pictures seemed like a nice compromise.

I'm just hooked on this book and Melody Miller - her style is so unique - I want it ALL. Ruby Star Wrapping makes me want to give, give, give just to have an excuse to make a container to put the gift in.  Sew Mama Sew has announced a contest and I'm linking up my clever tin - wish me luck.

When I saw the photo on page 28 with a suggestion to try using an oatmeal or coffee tin rather than a box I knew just what to do.  The 10 inch tall canister I had saved from my hubby's bottle of scotch had found a purpose.

The other item that I'd held onto knowing it would HAVE to be crafted with rather than recycled was the Art Gallery Spring 2012 catalogue I was given at Sewing Summit - the wonderful magical event where I received my very own copy Ruby Star Wrapping.

I'm a HUGE Art Gallery fan and enjoyed playing "name that fabric line" and "I spy something I own" - those little thumbnails are quite entertaining.

I used my rotary and ruler to cut the page (sorry blade) because it was too large for my paper cutter.  The width of the sheet didn't extend all the way around so I lined up and joined a part of the other page using the row as a guide. To be sure that it held I used glue stick and then tacky glue. Working with a curved surface presents its own challenges with paper - just like sewing curved pieces on the bias does, they're a bit unruly.   Even the photo shoot was a bit awkward but here it is - pretty on all sides!

This weeks blog hop takes us to Maureen Cracknell Handmade with an adorable button down shirt bag.  I'm one of her regular followers so I didn't have to hop far. 
There is more to come this week with Sara of Sew Sweetness and the Pocketed Apron Wednesday and The Busy Bean with her Little Snack Packs Friday- that was a fun one to do, here's mine!

linking up to Ruby Star Wrap along - thanks again guys for this fun series.


  1. boy you're doing great with these projects! Very fun! {good luck!}

  2. Great job done. You're really enjoying that book. :)

  3. Such a great project. Is is paper or fabric?


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