Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wrapping Up and Unwrapping Ruby Star

Explanation May Be Required...

A little bit of Fall Market in my Quilt Room
If you've been following along with Ruby Star Wrap Along or if you were lucky enough to have attended Fall Market you may not be so confused by the newest addition to my Quilting Room decorations.  I know that when I opened the box and I unwrapped the old cans and a toy my hubby sure needed an explanation.  But first: don't they look perfect next to the painting my son gave me? And wouldn't those koi translate into awesome fabric? Here he is when he was a baby twenty-some years ago playing with a similar toy (on the blanket near his elbow).

Here's the deal, they came along with the super fun  Ruby Star Sparkle fabric bundle from the amazing Melody Miller herself.  Sara of Sew Sweetness was so sweet to give me permission to share these pictures from  her blog post where you can read an in depth interview and see lots more pictures from the nostalgic packed booth at market- be sure to check it out.
photo from Sara Sew Sweetness
photo from Sara Sew Sweetness
Having grown up near the Roller Palladium the skates touch a sentimental cord - anyone else have a vivid childhood memory of trying to get in and out of the bathroom stalls while on wheels?  Doing the hokey pokey, the limbo - my sister and I had our birthday party there around elementary age and we had birthday parties there for our boys when they were that old too. Of course they raced around on blades but I kept it old school along with most of the parents - who had about as much fun as I recall.

Ruby Star Wrap Along - Final Week

I'm going to miss this little hop around.  Small, adorable upcycles and little goodies to give friends was just what I needed to take the sting out of the occasional overwhelmingness of creating quilts. Don't get me wrong - I love the process but sometimes the many..many.. steps involved and countless hours until the finish line can be a bit much.
Gift Card Wallet open
Immediate gratification has it's place. Whipping out an entire project in an afternoon feels so rewarding.   And what better time of year when spare time is rare and gift giving is at a prime? Perfect.
Gift Card Wallet closed
Did you see the big flower in the front and the stem that appears to continue on so nicely?  It may not be as impressive as lined up legs but still I was pretty pleased.  Having to cover up the little red bouquet with the velcro on the inside on the other hand was a shame.  I also wished I had cream velcro in my stash to blend better.

Hope to see you linking up in the last week of the Ruby Wrap Along series.  There are several items that I didn't get to - like the casserole carrier for my mom and her many potlucks or the Elephant pillow using Oakland A's fabric for my hubby a faithful fan... maybe in the New Year!

Really Random Thursday

Linking up to Really Random Thursday at Live a Colorful Life because it just doesn't get much more obscure than vintage soda cans and a post about bathroom stalls in my book.  Here are several quilt inspiration photos and I've been pulling from my iPhoto library.  My new mini has forced me to try and organize images, talk about a nostalgic chore!
Preservation Hall, New Orleans 

The second photo seemed too monochromatic to bother with a Color Palette but now I'm thinking that might be kind of interesting to see what comes up.


  1. I think you've done great in the sew-along & what fun to have some goodies from Melody herself! Really cute envelope - I need to try that one too!

  2. The gift card wallets are such a great idea!


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