Sunday, June 30, 2013

2013 Q2 FAL: Glass half full or empty?

It's linky time at Leanne's 2013 Q2 FAL (finish-a-long) and I knew that my list of eight quilts was pretty ambitious when I made it.  With 4 out of 8 completed I can either see the glass half full or half empty :)
The really funny thing is that I was scrambling to try and finish Row Robin to make it 5 done but ran face first into a migraine yesterday - that's not the funny part.  Today when I was doing my link ups for each finished post and took a closer look at the Goal Mosaic I realized that the photo I included for it was actually a picture of the row I added to Jacqueline's instead of my top!  Those little thumbnails look alike don't they?!
Jacqueline's on the lower left, mine is on the lower right
Since it's not done, I will include MY Row Robin for Q3 (properly this time) and there's a good chance it'll be complete! I still peak in on the group now and then and am amazed at some of the quilts being created - check out Around the Bend and Across the Pond.

Here's the report on the other three that got left behind: I also made progress on the back for Rip Curl  and sewed the final row and prepped Fruit Salad for basting but neither was a finish.   As for Jigsaw 21st, uuhhmmm... it's been ditched and replaced by Labyrinth Maze
parts for Rip Curl Backing
Fruit Salad - all ready to baste 
Pattern to replace the abandoned Jigsaw 21st 
Now on to what DID get finished:  Bikes on Point, Tweet Tweet Two, Bolts and Thumbs Up. 
Bikes On Point
Tweet Tweet Two
Thumbs Up
Machine Binding detail 
Panels are challenging
Thumbs Up at Sew Day FMQ marathon

Thumbs Up was one of the 31 Quilts in 31 Days charity challenge and you can see the little gnome hovering above my head if you look closely at this picture taken by Anne.

All in all I'd say the glass if half full, How about you?
Be sure to check out and join up if you aren't already participating in 2013 FAL at She Can Quilt. There will wonderful prizes by generous sponsors and a series of tutorials from guest bloggers,


  1. What a lot of wonderful finishes and it is great to see the photo of the quilts for your challenge too. You are certainly rocking the FAL.

  2. Definitely half full! Awesome finishes!

  3. Your finishes are lovely! More than half full!


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