Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 2013 : Fresh Sewing Day

May 2013 Fresh Sewing Day 

Sewing Room Redo Progress, Quilts for Boston blocks, Appliqué Pillow, Baby Quilt, 
Heat Lightning, Fairies Quilt, Tablecloth & Linen Napkins, Octagonal Orb
Scrappy Trip Along, Jumbo 24" xPlus blocks

This month has been a blur and putting together the May mosaic of project to link up at Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day was a bit challenging.  There were so many things that I worked on in bits and pieces that I wasn't sure what to include.  

Yesterday at Ikea we picked up the brackets for the narrow shelves that will go above the vertical blinds (see picture below) to house the scrap buckets but they only had three of the 7.5" size so my hubby will cut down the 11" ones and modify the length to optimize the space. After sorting a dozen containers I burned out and my sewing room redo is at a stall. I'm hoping new shelves will get things going again.
wish it still looked this clean!
Mock up of what it will look like - please don't crash down!
We also purchased new sheers and drapes for the living room and bedroom that need hemmed but unfortunately I changed my plans once we got back home so we didn't get everything needed.  An online order for those items will delay that progress too... After running around town with no success I was pretty discouraged.  It's sad how little window treatment is available in our local stores and what I did find was 4x the price.  

 I have yet to find a miracle cure for too much stuff in too little space.  It must be the same as too many projects and too little time or too many new release fabric lines and too little money. On that note, I'm off to try and deal with that realization and leave you with a picture of the pups underfoot as aways!


  1. great to see your sewing room progress and love the picture of the dogs - they look so content!

  2. Puppies!! Give Chase a scritch for me and tell Dottie I'm not a bad person. lol
    You've been so busy this month, look at all that stuff you finished!
    I actually stalled out on my craft room re-do as well. I just don't publicize it. ;) I should really get in there and finish it up, but now that the fabric is mostly sorted I'd rather just SEW!

  3. I agree w/ the sadness of window treatments that are available. When we first moved in we had to get curtains - and there was SO few to pick from! I ended up w/ yellow curtains in my living room. They are fine, but far from what I would really want. LOL


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