Friday, September 13, 2013

Now the cradle is complete

Baby Grandgirl arrives

She's here!  I'm sharing a finish this week that isn't really my doing but it's the best kind possible, a new baby grandgirl to complete the cradle set that I made.  A perfect 7 pound 20 inches of pure joy.  Everyone is doing fabulously - and check out that smile! 

Sherri Lynn Woods Workshop

On Monday I had the great fortune to attend a workshop with Sherri Lynn Woods and spent the day with quilty friends "getting my curve on".   If you ever have a chance to take her class - do it!  The way she shares her creative thought process and approach is so insightful.  I hadn't really tied improv theater, dance and creative writing to quilting but it's so obvious once you do.  Quilting, just like life is about attitude and perspective - how you choose to see.  My inner voice will now be striving to say "Yes, And" 
Sherri showing me how to smooth the rumple
 I read about her class at QuiltCon 2013 and see that she'll be teaching at SewDown Portland 2014. The Mod Mood Quilt Along on Sherri Lynn Woods blog in 2010 was before I discovered such things but I had admired and marveled at the photos from it ever since.  

I'm definitely going to refer to her blog as I move forward and undoubtedly start another.  I've never done bias binding before and I love the way her quilts have such bold graphic and fluidness to them.  It was an honor to see them up close and personal.  
Sherri Lynn Woods RGB Modern
detail hand quilting of  Sherri's Mod Mood
Rainbow Cloud by Sherri Lynn Woods
That night at our PVQA guild meeting, Sherri gave a moving talk about Passage Quilting Through Life's Transitions, read more at Sherri Lynn Woods  It gave clothing a whole new meaning. 

Selfish Sewing Week Sept 23

Dusting off my patterns
On the topic of clothes...I decided that my new shoes need a new tunic and pulled a few ideas.  Although I'm thrilled to be venturing from quilting to garment sewing, it's hard to make that switch in my head and am glad to have the support group on flickr.

Another concept from the workshop that stuck with me was to make a commitment and then take the next step - I'll be trying that on for size as well.

One step closer to developing my own authentic voice.
Connect and be present.

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  1. CONGRATS!!! So exciting! ( and I just got new orange shoes. Maybe I'll make myself something too...)

  2. Oh how precious! Congrats on such a blessing. The quilt looks amazing

  3. She is beautiful! I think you should take credit! ;) Congrats!

  4. The sewing's all great but especially love that grandgirl! Congrats!

  5. It was a pleasure having you in class and your quilt is really coming together. Can't wait to see it finished. I also loved the cross quilt you showed at the guild meeting. You really have a nice touch with prints.

    ps - for real a grand daughter? Are you old enough for that!

  6. Lovely finish!! But you can't possibly be old enough to be a grandmother!

    Whoop whoop!!


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