Friday, July 25, 2014

Companions #1 & #2 MQG fabric challenge

Companions #1 & #2

Finished and uploaded on the MQG Community site just under the wire are my two Michael Miller MQG fabric challenge entries.  I named them Companions #1 & #2 because they are similar but different, related but not the same which kind of reminds me of our two dogs.  
22"x30" Companion #2 
I had hoped for a real photo shoot but settled for the helping hand of my son as he headed out.  We've had super sunny skies resulting in a washed out appearance - where's the fog and overcast when you need it?  Linking up for 2014 Q3 FAL finish and you can see this post where I set my GOAL.
24"x38" Companion #1 
If you're a MQG member take a look at the amazing variety of quilt designs that are pouring in.
For the backing, I had in my stash Michael Miller dots in the two color ways that I thought featured the best of the fronts, teal and green.  The binding is scrappy strategically placed. 
Usually I block off the living room and keep the dogs out while I spray baste.  But this time, the tops are so tiny and it was only going to take a minute.  Well, I turned my back and this is what I got!  Good thing he's adorable and that it's washable. 
FMQ details
If you're wondering why I made TWO entries, let me remind you that it's one less than I made for the Madrona Road challenge with No Inherent Sense of Direction, Driving in Circles and the Bed Runner. 

Burning the Midnight Oil

My Ottlite isn't fueled by actual oil I know, but the glow of it and the hands on the clock (yes, I know they don't actually have hands anymore) reminded me of the saying.  Hubby is hoping to install an LED strip right above my workstation this weekend, fingers crossed. 


Top complete!  I'm thrilled with my version of #greekpluspussquilt.   Pattern testing for @r0ssie_fmq has been fun.  I couldn't help but put a bit of my own twist on the layout.  She'll be releasing her pattern on etsy and Craftsy August 4th.

Linking up to Finish It up Friday with Amanda Jean, Let's Bee Social and TGIFF at quokka quilts

I've got to dash off the spend the day at a Jacquie Gering (Tall Grass Prairie Studio) workshop.  Her QuiltCon class sold out in a blink but thanks to SBAMQG,  she's come to see us! 


  1. Wow, you have been super productive! I really like your challenge entries, and I can't pick a favorite between 1 and 2. Great quilting on them, too.

  2. Fabulous quilts - I love your entries, especially the top one!

  3. The quilting is superb on your challenge quilts. The design is really cool as well.

  4. Love that last quilt. lovely.

  5. Lucky you. attending a class with Jacquie Gering!

  6. What a lovely pair you created - I like! And trust you had fun with Jacquie! I still have very fond memories of my class with her.

  7. Super work on those challenge quilts - they look amazing!

  8. So much fun seeing what everyone is making for their Michael Miller Challenge quilts! Amazing how a few fabrics have inspired such a wide variety of quilts. Love that citron green paired with the plummy purple in your Greek cross quilt!

  9. Both quilts look great! The quilting... perfect! Good luck with the challenge :)

  10. The quilts are stunning. You are soooo lucky. A class with Jacquie Gering!! That should be wonderful.

  11. Both entry quilts are so unique....great work. Love the color combo on the greek crosses.

  12. Love your MQG entries. Your quilting looks amazing!

  13. I love the quilting on your challenge quilts! It reminds me of topography maps :)

  14. Both of your challenge pieces are gorgeous, Karen. The quilting is incredible. Looks like you have been very busy! Love that Greek Cross Plus piece!

  15. Oh, I love your challenge pieces!! And I really like your color choices for the Greek Plus Puss quilt. That's one of my favorite combos for purple. :D


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