Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FanGirl: Houston Festival part 1

Surrounded by Talent and Inspiration 

Left to Right: Victoria Findlay Wolfe  - let us take a peak at her new book, it's amazing!,  Anita Grossman Solomon - made me blush when she recognized me and told the audience of her open studio about the Old Italian Block quilt I made,  Jenny Doan - as perky in person as on youtube- and Karlee Porter  - entertained beyond words at her graffiti quilting demo and posted the most adorable obligatory selfie on her blog where you can find me waving in the far left. 
Go Ahead and call me a Fangirl 
I knew that going to Houston Festival for the first time would be overwhelming but wasn't exactly sure what to expect.   Once I caught my breath from being star struck - I took off my shy hat and became a full blown Fangirl.  How could I not?  Everyone was so incredibly sweet and happy to pose (or at least they put on a good act).  
Me, Alex, Stephanie, Elena
Above: Alex Voronelli and Elena Gregotti of Aurifil with Stephanie Ruyle and I.

My sister Sheryl and I (Yeah!) 
The Houston MQG had a wonderful meet up on Saturday night (thank you ladies!!) and I won this FQ bundle along with a huge swag bag that barely fit on the plane!  I was one of "those people" with a shoulder bag stuffed bigger than my carryon suitcase. 

FQ Bundle Door Prize to go with my Swag Bag 
I turned my sister on to Oakshott - she's now as hooked as I am so we "had to" stop the Pinwheel booth and pick up a little more each day at the show.
Beautiful Oakshott splurge (in terrible hotel lighting)

The weather was so nice with a gorgeous sunset from our hotel room without fail every night.   We also got to visit with my niece which was such a treat. 

Back at home, we had the first rain in seemingly forever on Halloween.  That didn't stop the fun for my adorable grand daughter.  She was a wee Baby Koa last year with her Pond parents too little to remember, but this time she got to toddle all over and even got her picture in the local newspaper.
2013 Halloween Costumes
2014 Monarch Butterfly and her Eucalyptus purse
Part 2 will include actual quilts from the Festival, I promise!

Between unpacking from Houston and packing for our MQG retreat tomorrow there hasn't been a ton of sewing but I did manage to gather my WIP projects to take along with what just may be another challenge under the wire entry for Michael Miller Cotton Couture:

stash pull and challenge F8 bundle
My hope is to recolor a recent QDAD design and use the fabric above to bring it to life.
QDAD 11.10.2014 
finish up the Redwood Grove wedding quilt before Thanksgiving, the IGswap mini by mailing deadline and also work on my block contribution for QuiltCon charity.  

Linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday. 


  1. It looks like you had a great time in Houston - love the stash you bought back.

  2. Yes! I love that rectangular boomerang-type design and the colors are interesting! I had been thinking of doing something with that general shape, but never did. You've got me re-inspired! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello, that all looks great! And oh, you met Jenny from the MQSC... somtimes I regret that I am so far awar from US ... the epicentre of quilting!
    Kind regards from Germany, Annet
    Feel free to visit my blog there's the Chicken Run going on - a pincushion giveaway/swap.

  4. Dying to get my hands on some Oakshott! Been a while since I popped over (so sorry about that) and its been great catching up - absolutely LOVE your Amish inspired quilts :)

  5. It looks like you had a great time! I love getting to see QDAD designs made, and I look forward to seeing your progress.

  6. You are so lucky to have been able to enjoy the Houston Festival. Wow! I am looking forward to your followup post! Those pictures of your grand daughter are so adorable. What a pretty little butterfly!

  7. I love your QDAD design. Fantastic colours and shapes, so interesting.
    Just wondering how you can possibly be a grandmother!!?


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