Friday, November 28, 2014

Redwood Grove quilt

Redwood Grove Wedding Quilt

With the help of late night marathon sewing at our recent SBAMQG Quilt Retreat and a bit luck, my FAL Q4 project Redwood Grove has been gifted.   I'd hoped to complete it there but instead brought it home with about 1/3 FMQ done and kept going.
I managed to enlarge and finish the wedding quilt for my niece and her husband and deliver it in person at Thanksgiving - well before their first anniversary and in time for Finish it Up Friday and Whoop Whoop linky parties the aLYOF November goal and 2014 FALQ4 deadlines.   
For the binding, I used two similar fabrics (the green and the blue/green) that were in the quilt and included a pop out of the dark bamboo fabric in just one spot.  Also tossed here and there in the quilt you'll find some brighter rust because as much as I tried to narrow the palette to a cool calm one they had requested, I couldn't help myself.  
Basting at 3am on the floor of the workroom while most of the other attendees at the retreat were fast asleep.  Fortunately there were a couple of other hard core worker bees still at it and they were nice enough to help me manage this beast.   After adding two rows to the side and spicing in another 12" to the bottom the final size is 91"x 87" to give a better drape on their queen bed. 
Detail of Erik's Quilt
Working from stash felt good and I have quite a large batik collection that I still like despite not having added to it in awhile.  To give their quilt a touch of sentiment and cousins loving, I incorporated the fabrics that I used for the two quilts that I had previously made for my sons.    
Kyle's Quilt
My Q4 FAL 2014 goals are now at 2/7 with the finish of my IGmini swap quilt.  It'll be mailed off in a few days and I had better remember to take a photo of it bound.  This shot is from the retreat (matchstick at midnight) as well and I just love the lashes of Aurifil that were created.


  1. That is an amazing quilt! I love how the title reflects the colors and pattern--like we are deep in a redwood forest. I'm sure they love it (judging from the looks on their faces). Good for you for getting your IGMini done. It looks fabulous, too!


  2. That Redwood quilt is amazing! They will be sure to treasure this quilt for many years to come. Looks gorgeous! And that mini is cute, cute, cute! Love the matchstick quilting in pink.

  3. Beautiful finish. I love using up stash as well!

  4. Karen the Redwood quilt is just stunning! What a great size, too...I've no doubt it will be treasured :o) Can't wait to see more of the quilt in the bottom picture! It looks fabulous!!

  5. Great job on the wedding quilt! It is really pretty. And really big!

  6. Congratulations on finishing up the large wedding quilt - that is so exciting! I love that you were able to get a photo of the happy couple with the quilt; it shows off just how large the quilt is!

  7. Such a gorgeous quilt!! Love the colors! Whoop whoop!!


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