Friday, August 14, 2015

Mid Century Mod Free Form - BeeSewcial

Last Call 9"x9" and 9"x12"
These four blocks are from the Mid-Century Modern challenge for Debbie A Quilters Table who was our queen for BeeSewcial in June.  They aren't tardy - I just found my partially written draft and realized that I never actually published it.  You may recognize them from my IG and flickr but I wanted to follow up on this earlier post with the extra inspiration of the mural.  I pretty much came home that day and started creating. 
I used the same fabric in both with two different blues for the accent element.  Hopefully having the option of placing blocks that are directly related in more than one area of her bee quilt might be helpful with the layout.  I've seen on other swaps that some people get possessive about what they send but I'm happy to say that how - or if - the blocks are incorporated into the final vision is totally up to the queen and I'm good with that. 

A note about my process: I finished the two mustard/rust/blue blocks and could have shipped them off right then.  They met the criteria and incorporated design elements from her Pinterest board. But because I hadn't worked through all of my ideas and concepts they felt incomplete.   I kept going and made the two shown at the top of the page.   The martini glass is my favorite despite the olives and glass stem taking on a bendy-straw life of their own.  The other started out as a shot glass and became a filing cabinet drawer - which is perfect for time period I think.  

Lots of auditioning of fabric placement and shape options went on- that so much fun.

Next up will be the sharing of the BeeSewcial blocks that I've received as queen - they are amazing. 

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  1. Must say, I'm pretty thrilled these are MINE! ;-) Thanks so much, Karen, for your thoughtfulness throughout.


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