Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Travel Handmade To Be

What I've been up to lately - clearly it hasn't been blogging!
My 3 in 1 Betsy Bag
Fortunately it has been sewing.  Some secret and some not.  I'm loving the progress on my 3 in 1 Betsy Bag.  The kraft tex has been really easy to work with.  The process has been slow and I've decided to alter the pattern to include a recessed zipper closure instead of the drawstring.  I just couldn't stand the idea of squishing my bugs!

This lovely bundle came to me from sponsor Massdrop as the winner of June's link up for scraptastictuesday with Leanne at shecanquilt.  Lucky Me!

 I also had the opportunity to visit San Francisco with friends and had a lovely day of quilt inspiration at the DeYoung Museum. Notice I didn't say clothes.

1948 Gilbert Adrian American designer.  Modern museum line. 

My happy mail keeps pouring in with my Reflection blocks arriving and will share those with you soon.  Happy Stitching. 


  1. Cute bug fabric in your bag, and I like it combined with the linen. It looks like a complicated pattern. Love your prize FQ bundle!

    1. Thank you. It isn't often I make travel handmade so I made sure to only use my favorite fabric for the bag. Kraftex is actually a washable paper product and I'm using the color Stone that looks like linen. In fact it's such a good match I'm going to replace some linen handles from another bag that are all worn out with it.

  2. Karen - Would you post a picture of your modification to use the recessed zipper? I like the idea of a zipper, just wondering how you chose to change up the top for it... Thanks Maggie in NC


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