Saturday, September 19, 2015

Minimalism with Meaning -BeeSewcial September

Read all about the BeeSewcial September block assignment on Hillarys post,  here,  "Some things are better left Unsaid".  If you are not already following you should - she's amazing.

Rear View 10"x10.75"
It may not surprise you that the idea came to me while I was driving to work and contemplating what symbolism I wanted to use for my block.   My car choice is full of irony since I don't like to drive.  I will admit (as would anyone who knows me) I do however prefer the drivers seat as a symbolic role.  Not that I can't also be an effective worker bee too but taking lead is more my comfort zone.

The meaning behind the design is all about the balance of keeping focus - looking ahead in life instead of behind- but also being aware of your surroundings in a broader sense.   It's important to acknowledge how occasionally glancing back is a good and necessary thing.  

original sketch 
This one I sketched out (shocker) but because I didn't also do the quilt math, the scale ended as a closer view in order to keep within the requested block size.  I am still pleased with the result and feel that the imagery is captured.

Perceive 10.5"x10.5"
For my second block I wanted it to be about how situations are not black and white.  Time, outside influence and other factors cause a change and progression of the way we see the same thing and how it does not always remain the same.  What starts out simple can become complicated given more thought.  In turn, something that initially feels overwhelming can end up being very basic once broken down.  

Another interpretation has to do with how differently the same experience can vary between two people.  You know, when you think to yourself - "what just happened" and you wonder if it's you or if it's them. 

Here is what I said on IG: This represents the way in which we perceive and how it can distort from clean crisp well defined to jagged uncertainty or vise versa depending. This was also to emphasize the palette of black and white as a concept.

Less minimal and more abstract than the first, it is also kind of a heavy message - which led me to block #3

Be a Duck 9"x10"
It takes me a bit to warm up when I'm working on my BeeSewcials since they aren't a typical "make this pattern for me" swap block.  They are very challenging and rewarding.  Getting ideas from my head to the fabric doesn't always happen with just two (rarely in fact).    

The final one is called "Be a Duck".   It's about letting life's annoyances roll off your back - it's my newest favorite saying and I've been trying to see challenging moments this way ever since I heard it.  Like #2, it's all about how you choose to look at things.  The secondary pattern of an eye (pun intended) is a little added whimsy.   

An early version - too literal 
Here are a couple of pictures to show the evolution.  The version above was way too much like a logo and did not seem very "me". 

Minimal - not enough message
I think if I had stopped here I would have been happy with the minimalism and modern aesthetic of the block.  The whole story wasn't represented - the actual meaning - so I kept going. 

Some people are naturally a duck - I am very much not a duck and am striving to be one.   How about you?

Cat masks 
Given the BeeSewcial September palette, this post seems like the perfect place to also share pictures of the cat masks made last week for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday party.  There had been a dry spell with my quilting mojo and although they were cut and glued rather than sewn, crafting these little guys helped break the spell.


  1. I love the symbolism in your black and white blocks!

  2. It's nice to hear more about your inspiration and thoughtful process....

  3. Be the duck!! <3 <3 I'm still working on that one....


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