Thursday, October 8, 2015

FAL Q4 2015 - Goals

High Hopes FAL Q4 Goals

A girl can hope.

Last quarter I missed the linky party deadline and am determined to make some of these goals a reality.  Honestly, I don't expect to finish them all.

1. Greek Plus Puss Quilt.  I love this one and it made an appearance in Q3 of 2014 on the to finish list - how sad it that?!

2. AMH Prism-along Quilt.  This one goes way back and I've got all or most of the triangles cut.  I was reminded how awesome the project is when Tina shared hers in the display at Harts.

3. Giant Clams.  After the workshop with Latifa last September I whipped this massive top together and even took it on a photo shoot.  Hasn't been touched since and the plan was to have been sleeping under it all summer long.

4. Jacquie Gering Workshop Quilt.  This one too has been trapped in a bag for way too long.  I'm ready to tackle the negative space alternative grid layout now that I'm a little more experienced with the concepts she taught.

5. AMH QuiltCon Class.  These flower parts from the workshop and so promising I had to include them in my goals.

6. Belated B'day.  OK. For the record - this goal is my #1 priority.  Delectable Mountain 21st Birthday quilt for my son who has not been 21 for a couple of years.

7.  BeeSewcial Reflection Quilt.  All of my blocks have arrived although they aren't all shown here.  I'm taking this with me to the retreat tomorrow so I can at least see them on a big design wall and mull over the puzzle before me.  It may take more brain power than the sleep-eat-quilt-retreat routine to actually do something worthy with them.

8.  Much Ado Quilt.  Although this is the newest WIP it has a good shot at being finished because I've got a deadline to give it as a wedding gift.

There you have it.  Linking up with Adrianne at On the Windy Side - be sure to check out everyone who does and cheer them on.

Here's my unofficial add ons that don't qualify because I have not started them or they are a secret and I can't share:

9. Glampstitchaswap bag.  Don't worry partner, I'll be taking it with me fully finished to deliver in person next month but haven't committed to the fabric/pattern quite yet.
One Idea for the bag

10. SBA MQG Logo Challenge.  Mini due at the November guild meeting. "High contrast and graphic areas of solid color" is my charge.  I'm thinking of bringing a QDAD to life.

11. Pillow Talk IG Edition.  My partner has a very specific thing in mind and if I share it will spoil the surprise but let's just say that I'm super excited and nervous about who it is for.

12. Baby Boy Quilt for a special little one.  Thrilled to have the need for another baby quilt in our lives for a dear couple who will be amazing parents.


  1. You have such beautiful projects going. Roll on January when we can all see the finished results! Good luck!

  2. Gah.. LOVE the clam! (and so many others!)

  3. A great list and I wish you well! I'm especially excited about #7!! ;-)


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