Friday, October 9, 2015

a Girls Best Friend(s)

This beautiful quilt in loving memory of Dottie arrived unexpectedly in the mail yesterday from Anne  Sullivan - well I say unexpected because it was a surprise but anyone who knows her also knows that such an act of kindness is no surprise at all.  Read all about the back story and details of how she created this original design with her mad skills on todays Play Crafts post

I immediately handed my phone to hubby and said "here take a picture of us" - so although it looks as though Chase is photo bombing this is actually his attempt to pose.   There are a few folds from shipping which I will press out before hanging it proudly.  

It's been two weeks since we said good bye and we are all adjusting slowing to life without her.  Even though she was 14, she acted like she was two.   Chase continues to struggle with being alone - here's a photo of them together - they were very different personalities but soulmates for nearly their entire lives. 

This is another favorite picture - Dottie was not a shy snuggler and could not get close enough her her humans.  Being surrounded by guys, she and I stuck together and I called her my Dot-ter (pronounced daughter).   You can tell it's an old photo because none of us were grey! 

If you are going to QuiltCon West 2016 in Pasadena, Anne will be one of the lecturers!  I've signed up for her newsletters because as much as I'd like to keep up on my blog reading it's tough to fit it all in - this way I won't miss a beat. 

I should be packing the car to head out to our Retreat this morning but I just had to stop what I'm doing and share a quick post.  Proof positive that Quilty Friends are truly the best - not there was ever a doubt. 


  1. I had a German short haired pointer growing up. Sweetest dog ever. Along with my coon hound now. Sorry to hear about Dottie! She was obviously loved!!

  2. I had a German short haired pointer growing up. Sweetest dog ever. Along with my coon hound now. Sorry to hear about Dottie! She was obviously loved!!

  3. Very sweet! I apparently missed the news about Dottie and am sorry for your loss...

  4. What a lovely remembrance.
    I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets are family. Give yourselves time to grieve, then get another four-legged family member -- the cake of life is too short to go without the icing animals provide.
    Sending hugs.

  5. I'm just gonna send you random <3 and hugs every few days until you tell me to stop. I know with Tally it took us a long time to stop hurting, way past what I felt comfortable sharing with other people (and Eli and I still every once in a while have a little cry over the guy!!) so I guess just know that I understand. And even if it's years from now, I'll understand if you need a shoulder or a hug. <3

  6. Such an adorable, thoughtful gift from Anne. I'm very sorry for your loss. You make me appreciate our 12 year-old fella even more

  7. Hi! Almost one year has passed but I know you still miss your best friend. this last photo is so touching. The quilt is beautiful and lovely memory! Our Nero is almost 12 and still so happy and playful. Hanna is 10 and quite the same as she has always been. Our little Foxy reached age 16 so I can only hope that we have our sweet dogs still long time with us. x Teje


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