Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Quilty Highlights -part One

For me, this year was about Quilty connections and disconnects.   2015 was admittedly an odd year and I don't mean that numerically - it was full of highs and lows throughout.   Being active in a creative community locally and online is partly putting yourself out there which in turn means getting knocked down but it also means being uplifted.  

Focussing on the upside, I was fortunate to have been asked to join BeeSewcial, a unique bee with a group of inspiring and talented women.  Creating these blocks brought out the best in me.   I'm really proud of them.  I also adore every single one they sent me as queen for my Refection theme- (pictured below in the center of my WIP mosaic)  If you are on IG, please sew along with our monthly challenges following the hashtag #inspiredbybeesewcial

BeeSewcial Blocks sent

Compared to previous end of the year recaps, the finished quilt mosaic is dismal in numbers.   

top row L-R: Some firsts for me though include two (Dig Deep and Ripple Strudel) making an appearance at Quilt Market to show off the release of fabric line Luna Lounge  My first mini-mini, a map quilt for Anne who moved far away.  The baby quilt shown directly below was for Marci who I got to meet in person and then brought so many people together hostessing the after-QuiltCon-pin-swap exchange.
Finished Quilts
bottom row L-R: My first QDAD (quilt design a day) brought to life, sewn with a friend, for a friend. This one was much harder than anticipated and took way longer than it should have but was a great excuse for sew dates with my friend Sue and was well received once gifted.  The next, " Castles In The Sand", was nominated for Bloggers Quilt Festival's Best Original Design.  Collaborating with Pam was the opposite timeline - started cutting on a Friday and had a finished top by Sunday.  It has been donated to a local charity from my MQG to be raffled off.

The Year of the Bags
2015 was record breaking bag making for me.  I made gifts, swaps and even a few Travel Handmades for myself.  Itook on a double welted pocket and didn't blink at zippers (well maybe i blinked but at least i didn't hyperventilate) .  

I'm sure there are more started WIPs and goodness knows there's plenty that already existed before 2015 but here's the ones that spring to mind.  Workshops were great and I'm hoping to attend even more in the future.

Glamp Stitchalot in Ann Arbor MI with 200 quilters and 6 all-star instructors was a lot to take in - and recover from.  Sewing and chatting with designers I greatly admire was fantastic and I met so many wonderful people.
A Facebook group was created ahead of time and I've been trying to follow attendee on IG.  Especially after seeing the progress of others, my mystery medallion is calling my name! Each designer created a t-shirt and I splurged buying the ones by Tula Pink and Alison Glass.  My sis treated me to the colorful Tula hardware (upper left pic).

Of course we can't forget that it all started with the kick off of the year QuiltCon in Austin Tx which now feels like a lifetime ago as i head to Pasadena for 2016 next month.  I'll be super volunteering and taking workshops again.
QuiltCon 2015
Mid-year, I didn't have to go far to enjoy quilting with my peeps.  A local Retreat in March and Our 4th Annual SBAMQG Retreat in October did not disappoint.  The planning committee and sponsors this year were stellar and we had two gals hostess swag bag sew days who didn't even attend.

Retreat Group Picture 

Having my SIL fully hooked on quilting is icing on the cake.  We get to chat and talk fabric with her stash and WIP list relating to me and mine in a new way.
Me and my SIL 
Blogging has been a little sparse but I try.  Stats tell me I posted 48 in 2015, only down slightly from 51 in 2014.  I've long given up on keeping up with 81 in 2013 or the ridiculous bar of 115 when I started in 2012.  I'm here, that's what counts.  Thanks for being here too!

2015 Recap to be continued. . . 


  1. Glad you're here, I enjoy seeing all of your creations!

  2. Your work is lovely, and I am so glad you are in our bee!

  3. Looks like a pretty productive year to me! Sorry for any negativity that happened! You certainly don't need that! Wishing you all the best in 2016~

  4. This is a good recap of your productive year. You are very talented. I'm also very glad we got to spend some time together at Glamp.

  5. Well it looks like a fantastically productive year to me with loads of beautiful projects! I hope this new year holds no negativity and only loads of fun and growth.

  6. Love seeing all the things you've made in the year, Karen! I'm terrified to do a recap post because there'd be nothing in it! lol
    <3 can't wait to see you next month!! (Well except I still need to write my talk. ULP)


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