Thursday, January 7, 2016

Finish Along Q1 a Baker's Dozen

Official Goals

Part two of my year in review series will have to wait for a bit while I link up my official goals for 2016 Finish Along Quarter 1.   Stuck as a draft will hopefully not become my new blogging theme.

I just adore this link up and have been at it longer than a lot of people I think.  It's helped me get things done, stay accountable and discover lots of other  bloggers - and project of theirs that I like and start to make creating new WIPs.  Full circle like a dog chasing his tale perhaps. 

I'm recycling and adding to my last mosaic because nothing was finished.  I did finish some unofficial items and there was progress on my son's Delectable Mountain -but considering it has been rolling over on my goals list since at least Q2 of last year a few more squares does not feel like a win.

Here's the list:
1.  Seems fitting to start with a triple dip hashtag (#scrappylogcabinQAL #useitorlooseitstashchallenge #sewmystash2015) from January of 2015 Scrappy Log Cabin 
2.  GlampStitchalot Mystery Medallion - Really really itching to get back to this before the plans in my head and on my notes are forgotten - or changed.  Attendees are posting finished top and they are awesome.
3.  Maximalist - Composition in Color.  from the workshop with Maria Shell 
4. Guild Logo Challenge - Tilt Shift: QDAD2Reality - this one is a must as I've promised it for a show next month and just need to quilt bind and put a hang sleeve. 
5. Polaroids -  These actual polaroid my  not make the cut because I have so many cute ones to choose from but it's become ridiculous that my most visited blog post is for a tutorial on how to speed produce them and yet I've been slow to make a project. 
6-13  Roll Overs itemized here 

Although I don't cook, Debbie does at A Quilter's Table so I'm linking up on her site.  Now I want a doughnut.  

Linking up to the party HERE - Be sure to do the same and good luck!


  1. haha. I cook less than I used to as you can probably tell. But I do love your list and wish you the best in getting through it! What do you think you'll tackle first?!

  2. I love Tilt Shift! What an interesting design! And I love the bold colors. Good luck with all your goals. :-)

  3. Love your stack! Can't wait to see stuff hit your "done" pile of fabulousness!

  4. Love your list!!! Such fun projects!!! You can do it !!!

  5. Hey Karen! Those projects look great. I especially like the one right under the FAL label. Very intriguing and the colors are neat! Good luck on your goals! Happy New Year!


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