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2016 FAL Q2 Goal: Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven 

2016 FAL Q2 goals
Here they are.  My Lucky Seven 2016 FAL Q2 Goals.  Hoping for a better yeild of finishes than my Q1 Bakers Dozen.  

  • Left column top to bottom:  
Composition in Color from Maria Shell workshop.  On the list for no other reason other than I really do love this one.
A Little Fan Dance  from Anna Maria Horner workshop. Another mini which should make it doable.  The center fabric choice will make or break the design and I find it a fun challenge to audition my stash.
Delectable Mountain  for my son.  If you've followed my blog for any length of time this one needs no introduction.  Tardy doesn't begin to describe things.
  • Center column top to bottom:
KingClam from Latifah Saafir workshop . I should rename this quilt Hurry Up and Wait.  The original goal was to have it on my bed Winter 2014 and I really thought would.   I was on a roll, aka obsessed with it at the time.  The top was done in 8 days.  Maybe our guild will throw a marathon 12 hour sew day again! 
Stretch: Let's Get Comfortable from 2016 BeeSewcial.  Not all of the blocks from my bee mates are shown here but they are in hand and ready to be stitched together.  
  • Right column top to bottom 
Reflection from 2015 BeeSewcial.   These need to become a quilt and in a timely manner.   Not only because that's the promise I made but because I am so excited about every single one of them.  Getting caught up in their individual awesomeness has been a design issue for me along with the intimidation to do them justice.  I've played with the composition on several occasions and have been stumped.  I think I'm finally ready to let go of those stumbling blocks. Wish me luck!
Center of Attention from Jill Shumacher workshop FMQing practice block cute enough to make into a pillow. 
This is such a new WIP that I only shared on IG.  Learning FMQ slow and steady following the lines as well as stitch in the ditch with monofilament- all very foreign concepts. 
14" squares
Hands on and hanging in while attempting the dreaded diagonal.  I'm also trying it with lotion instead of gloves and without my super slider just to give the teacher's recommendations a go.  
thumb tucked in

Here are my practice pieces and an end of day selfie with my table mate Joannie 
feeling successful

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